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How to apply for services and student accommodations

To obtain eligibility to receive reasonable accommodations through Student Disability Services (SDS), students will need to follow the Accommodation Process.

Alternative Format Text Conversion

Alternative Text Format Request Form 

Before you submit a request to SDS

Please note: Student Disability Services does not purchase books or any other class materials for your course(s).Students are responsible for purchasing their textbook in the format of their choice. 

Before the beginning of the semester or as soon as possible, obtain your reading list/syllabus for your course(s), and check the book(s) you need for your course(s).

*If you need an accessible copy of your reading list/syllabi, you may fill out the Alternative Text Format Request Form and submit your reading list/syllabi as an attachment on the request form. You may also bring it to the SDS office. Please allow up to five business days for an accessible copy of your reading list/syllabi.

If you are looking for your book as an audiobook, please check the NEIU bookstore and purchase your book there. You will need to let them know you will need your book as an audiobook.

If the NEIU bookstore does not have your book as an audiobook, you may look for your book on the sites listed on this document. If the bookstore does not have your book as an audiobook or if you are looking for your book in a different accessible format, go to STEP 3. 

Check your reading list/syllabi and your course(s)’ online portal (such as D2L) to see any other inaccessible copies of your class materials (such as articles or handouts) that you will need converted. 

After following the above instructions

Fill out the Alternative Text Format Request Form.

*By filling out the Alternative Text Format Request Form, you (student) are verifying that you own or rented a physical copy of all materials requested in alternative format. (Note: You may be asked to show purchase/rental receipt for textbooks.)*

We will contact you within up to two business days through your NEIU email to come to the SDS office to submit the class materials you need converted.  

Please note: For inaccessible copies of articles or other handouts, you may submit them as an attachment on the Alternative Text Format Request Form.

After you submit and/or bring your class materials to the SDS office, please allow up to 10 business days for an accessible version of your class materials.

We will email you when your class materials are converted Please note: We will email you to tell you the accessible version of your class materials are either ready for pick up or we will send you the accessible version of your class materials to your NEIU email.

Once your class materials are converted, you may not share any converted files with others due to copyright laws.


You may contact Student Disability Services at or the Alternative Format Coordinator Nathan Rouse by email at or by phone at (773) 442-5498.