Student Disability Services

Removing Barriers

Access to opportunity, diversity and empowerment through education are values at the core of Northeastern’s work. In Student Disability Services, these values are carried forward every day as we strive to not only fulfill federal regulations for reasonable accommodation, but to provide a fuller, equal university experience for our students. 

Donations help us address individualized needs and improve the campus climate for students with disabilities. If you would like to support SDS, you can make a tax-deductible gift to the NEIU Foundation:

  • Online at Under Designation, select “Other” and write “Student Disability Services,” then complete the rest of the form as prompted. 
  • Via Check made payable to the NEIU Foundation, and please write “Student Disability Services” in the check’s memo field. Please mail to: NEIU Foundation, 5500 N. St. Louis Ave, Chicago, IL 60625. 

We are grateful for your support!

Here are a few recent examples of how donations have made a difference inside and outside the classroom:   

One of our students had low-vision, or difficulty seeing words/symbols on the board. The reasonable accommodation in this case is to provide a personal note-taker. However, a note-taker does not allow for real-time participation in the lesson. For this, our student needed assistive technology. Using charitable donations, we purchased a device that took the image on the board and enlarged it directly to her laptop. She has since graduated with her degree in Mathematics.

Northeastern comes alive with cultural events and activities throughout the academic year. A hard-of-hearing student wanted to attend a performance on campus, for which the reasonable accommodation is to provide a sign language interpreter. However, to help her fully participate in the experience, SDS was able to purchase an FM hearing device that cancelled out background noise and amplified the speaker’s voice. She and other hard-of-hearing students now have this option as they take advantage of our many cultural events.

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