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Global Studies prepares its students to be the next generation of global leaders in business, education, government, and scholarly research, who will take on the complex cultural, political, economic, environmental, medical, legal and other issues of our day. The Global Studies curriculum provides skills and experiences that are key qualifications in the current job market, including critical research, analysis, writing, and foreign language skills, and the knowledge and intellectual capacity to engage effectively and productively with pressing issues of contemporary relevance. We intend that the intellectual trajectory initiated in program coursework will continue beyond degree completion, in further scholarly pursuits at the graduate level and/or in related careers. Research and internship activities that students begin at Northeastern can lead to relevant work after graduation, and the program provides an excellent basis for further education and careers in:

  • international business and law
  • applied social sciences
  • community resource management
  • social services
  • international development
  • education
  • scientific research
  • humanitarian organizations
  • state and local government
  • environmental preservation
  • cultural organizations
  • and many other fields