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What is Global Studies?

People, places and things across the world are more interconnected than ever. To study global phenomena, we need an interdisciplinary approach that allows us to study these complex interconnections from multiple angles. Global Studies is such an approach.

Northeastern’s Global Studies Program

The Global Studies program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that offers a major leading to the B.A. in Global Studies as well as a minor.

In Global Studies classes, students investigate and analyze life in a globalized world from cultural, economic, political, and others perspectives.   

The program is organized around five thematic tracks: 

  • Culture, Society and Identity
  • Language, Knowledge and Representation
  • Nature, Technology and the Body
  • Power, Movements and Political Economy
  • Violence, Resistance and Resolution

These tracks transcend traditional disciplinary, topical, and theoretical borders, providing opportunities for creative thinking, critical debate, and novel scholarship.  

Through critical analysis of the contemporary world, carried out in coursework and through hands-on research and internship opportunities, students in the program accrue knowledge, scholarly abilities, and practical skills that will prepare them as informed global citizens and members of the 21st century workforce.  

Want to learn more?

Take GS 201: Introduction to Global Studies. It’s a great way to learn about this field of study and also counts toward the general education requirement.

How to declare a major or minor in Global Studies

To declare a major or minor in Global Studies, students should contact the Global Studies Coordinator, Tracy Luedke at or at (773) 442-5621 to discuss your interests, needs and program requirements.

For more information on program requirements, please visit the major and minor requirements page.