GS 201 - Introductions to Global Studies I

This course introduces students to the multiple dimensions and impact of globalization as it is reflected across disciplines. Accordingly, we explore globalization through specific themes and approaches, including those of: 1) Culture, Society, and Identity; 2) Language, Knowledge, and Representation; 3) Power, Movements, and Political Economy; 4) Nature, Technology, and the Body; 5) Violence, Resistance, and Resolution. In this way, the course generates a comparative understanding of the significant implications arising in the wake of an increasingly globalized world.

GS 205 - Writing Intensive Program (WIP): Interdisciplinary Research and Writing

Interdisciplinary Research and Writing provides students with practical training in conducting research and writing effectively in an interdisciplinary field. Students will learn about the advantages and challenges of interdisciplinary scholarship through a series of stepped research and writing assignments, including literature searches and reviews, hands-on experimentation with field methods, and multiple formal and informal writing activities that guide students in creating rough drafts, conducting revisions, and producing polished work. The course serves students in all interdisciplinary fields.

GS 399 - Capstone: Global Studies

In this course students will examine and conduct research on global phenomena. We will read and debate a range of approaches to the study of the global, addressing both methodological and theoretical issues. Students will conduct individual research projects, working through all the stages from proposal to completed paper. As the capstone course for the Global Studies Program, the primary course goal is to provide students with practical experience in linking reading and discussion of published sources in Global Studies to the tasks of researching , analyzing, and writing about their own areas of interest in the field.