When did Northeastern Illinois University become smoke-free?

As mandated by state law (Public Act 098-0985, Statutory Reference 110 ILCS 64), all Northeastern Illinois University property became smoke free on July 1, 2015.

Can I use e-cigarettes?

By law, e-cigarettes may not be used on University property.

What process was involved in determining Northeastern Illinois University’s policy?

In December 2014, Northeastern Illinois University assembled a task force to ensure proper compliance with the state law. The task force met regularly to address issues such as access to smoking cessation materials, enforcement and communication to the University community.

Does the smoke-free law extend to other University-owned property outside of the Main Campus?

The policy includes all University-owned property. The smoke-free map shows the boundaries of University.

Can people smoke in their vehicles on Northeastern Illinois University property? What about in University vehicles?

Smoking in private vehicles parked on University property is banned at Northeastern Illinois University. This means people cannot smoke in their cars while parked on University-owned streets or in University parking lots or garages. Smoking in University vehicles has been prohibited for several years, and remains so under the new policy.

How can people know where they can and cannot smoke?

All University-owned property is smoke-free. Signs are posted on the property. An online smoke-free map identifies the boundaries.

Are there designated smoking areas on University property?

No. Smoking is prohibited on all University grounds.

What about concerts or other public events?

All events occurring on University-owned property are covered by the smoke-free law.

If I am an employee, can I be fired if I don’t quit smoking?

You will not be fired for being a smoker, but all employees, students and visitors are expected to comply with the policy by not smoking on University property. Repeated policy violations of any kind could result in termination. If you are interested in quitting smoking, the University provides resources to help you quit.

How is the law enforced?

The law is enforced through education and existing disciplinary procedures:

  • Northeastern Illinois University launched a communication campaign about the specifics of the policy more than four months before the law took effect. The University continued to educate about the policy through flyers, handouts, informational events, notices in University publications and signage.
  • In cases of repeated and purposeful noncompliance, students are referred to the Division of Student Affairs. Employees are referred to their supervisor or the Office of Human Resources.
  • People can report noncompliance using report forms on the website. Noncompliance can be reported by location or by individual.

What is Northeastern Illinois University doing for students and employees who want to quit using tobacco products?

The University has expanded its tobacco-cessation options for students and employees. Students can contact Student Health and Counseling Services for details on cessation options. The Office of Human Resources benefit team coordinates cessation resources for employees and may be contacted at (773) 442-5200. For a detailed list of cessation resources, go to the tobacco-free resources page.