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Emergency sign that points to exits
Northeastern Illinois University is committed to providing a safe learning environment for everyone. When emergency situations arise, it is vital that the Northeastern Community receives news in a timely way. N-Safe, our emergency notification system, helps you get information quickly.

Whether it's about university closure, inclement weather or safety, Northeastern's students, faculty and staff need to get news and instructions in a timely way. When you register your contact information with N-Safe, you will be on the distribution list for emergency notifications from Northeastern. You can receive messages through email and/or text messages. (Data and text messaging fees may apply based on your plan with your mobile phone carrier.)

There are two ways to register:

For more information, read through a brief introduction of N-Safe.

(NOTE: Those who have previously registered for Northeastern's older system, N-Alert, must still register for N-Safe.) 

University Police

Contact The Police

T (773) 442-4100

F (773) 442-4110

Contact The Police

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