A Yamaha CL5 mixer's fader bank photographed on an oblique angle
Production and Technical Services is responsible for event setup, amplification, projection, lighting and conference support in the Student Union, Auditorium, Recital Hall, other events on NEIU's Main Campus, Commencement, and limited events at El Centro and Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies

Available Services (Student Union, Auditorium, and Recital Hall)

  • Event Equipment Setup (Tables, Chairs, etc.)
  • Amplification
  • Projection
  • Lighting Design
  • Remote Conference Setup (limited support available, webcam provided)

Available Services (NEIU Main Campus)

  • Event Equipment Setup (Tables, Chairs, etc.)
  • Amplification

Space Reservations

  • All space reservations, including any walkthroughs or tech checks, must be made via 25Live.
  • All events supported by PTS must be accompanied by a space reservation.

Support Requests

  • For non-performance NEIU events in the Student Union, Auditorium, or Recital Hall, requests should be made via the Events Coordinator Davor Palos at d-palos@nieu.edu or the Manager of Special Events and Conferences Charlene Jefferson-Johnson at c-jeffersonjohnson@neiu.edu.
  • For Department of Music and Dance events in the Auditorium, Recital Hall or other Student Union spaces, requests should be made through Concert Specialist Daniel Chetel at d-chetel@neiu.edu.
  • For performance events in the Auditorium or Recital Hall that are not affiliated with the Department of Music and Dance, requests should be sent to Production Director Henry Stewart at hstewart2@neiu.edu.