image of the audition poster. The text reads: Open call, Stage Center Theatre auditions

Audition Dates for Spring 2021 Productions

Stage Center Theatre welcomes all actors from the campus community at all experience levels. Below are the audition dates, times and locations for this year, so mark your calendars! 

Spring Production Information

Auditions are for the following productions, which will all feature either hybrid or remote processes along with significant safety protocols in place for any hybrid work, including social distancing and masks built into the worlds of these plays in imaginative fashion.

The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno

Directed by Dan Wirth, February 2021

This production will feature a hybrid rehearsal process and will be filmed scene by scene before being edited together into a streaming presentation.

Nuevas Voces: A 10-Minute Play Festival and Contest

Directed by Leslie Hull, March 2021

This annual mutli-play festival will feature an innovate multi-media approach and will take place remotely culminating in a digital streaming event featuring these amazing plays from the NEIU community.

  • 1st Place: Sean Carey, "Departure, Initiation, Return. The Bus."
  • 2nd Place: Raeghan Draper, "Under Par"
  • 3rd Place: Charles Sipps, "Chekov's Potato"
  • Honorable Mentions: Emily Maso & Raúl Dorantes, "El Tres Laredos;" Michael Maura, "Somethin' Somethin';" and Ata Younan, "The United Statesian Nightmare."

A Doll's House, Part 2 by lucas hnath

Directed by John Bliss, April 2021

This production will feature a hybrid rehearsal process and will be filmed scene by scene before being edited together into a streaming presentation.

Dates and Times (via Zoom)

Stage Center Theatre (SCT) is excited to announce "virtual" Zoom-based auditions for our hybrid production season in the Spring 2021 semester, which will feature "The Realistic Joneses" by Will Eno with direction by CMT instructor Dan Wirth, "Nuevas Voces: A 10-Minute Play Festival and Contest" with directions by CMT instructor Leslie Hull, and "A Doll's House, Part 2" by Lucas Hnath with direction by CMT instructor John Bliss.

SCT welcomes all actors from the campus community at all experience levels. We will be auditioning all three spring productions remotely, safely, and will be accessible for all participants using the Zoom platform. Please email to sign up for a five-minute audition slot, and we will send you both the Zoom link with your date and time as well as a Google form you will need to fill out in advance.

  • 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18

  • 3-4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19

  • 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov 19

Please note: Callbacks will be held separately for each production and will be scheduled by the individual directors with students receiving callback notifications!


  1. Prepare a 60-90 second contemporary monologue from a play written in 2000 to present. Come share your work with us! Please email if you need monologue assistance.

  2. If you don't have a monologue, never fear! We will provide you with sides (short cuts of scenes from the play or from multiple plays) for you to prepare in depth in advance. Please let us know that this is your preference at and we will provide you with a scene.

  3. Just heard about us and don’t have materials yet? No problem and no worries. You can still come out even if you don't have either prepared and we can provide you with sides when you arrive at the audition. You will then get time in the waiting room to prep. Simply email to let us know you are coming.

  4. Unable to join us on those dates/times? You may submit a "self-tape" audition to the team. Follow the above instructions for material and then submit a video audition to Please make sure that audio is clear and that background is neutral. Self-tapes ideally should be shot either in shoulders up closeup format or in three-quarters length from the knees up based on your space and preference. If using a phone to record, please record horizontally.

We welcome all experience levels at Stage Center Theatre! If you'd like assistance in preparing for your audition, please feel free to contact Assistant Professor Adam Goldstein at to work on your material, or to discuss possible audition material options.

Casting Breakdowns 

All ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to audition for all roles.


Bob Jones: 20s-40s. Married to Jennifer. Works for the Department of Transportation. Wry, sardonic, weary from an unnamed illness from which he’s been suffering and which he doesn’t want to discuss. Hides his vulnerability and actively defends against it.

Jennifer Jones: 20s-40s. Married to Bob. A bookkeeper. Warm, practical, and mostly composed, Jennifer works to maintain a positive and activated outlook on the possibilities of life and her relationship despite the frustration she feels with Bob’s reluctance to open up to her.

John Jones: 20s-40s. Married to Pony. Works in heating and air conditioning. John uses humor to mask vulnerability and doesn’t easily reveal too much about what is going on in his life for fear that such revelation brings weakness. He and his wife strive create the picture of the perfect domestic relationship, but something’s not quite working and dreams are not quite fulfilled.

Pony Jones: 20s-40s. Married to John. Pony has a business creating greeting cards. Outwardly friendly and openly curious, Pony says blunt things that can sometimes be taken the wrong way despite perhaps non-malicious intentions. Pony senses something is wrong with John and worries she will not be able to cope with whatever is coming.

A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 by Lucas Hnath

Nora: 30s-50s. Bold, intelligent, independent and a leader ready to take on the world. Nora is fighting for agency over the direction and ownership of her life, vision and dreams. She takes great pride in her success and hard-won autonomy. She battles against huge systemic, cultural and domestic obstacles for the ability to reclaim her own life and self.

Anne Marie: 20s-60s. The nanny of the Helmer household. Bighearted, candid and quick to make every sacrifice for those around her.

Torvald: 20s-50s. Nora's estranged husband and deeply protective of the terms of the life he believes he should still have. On the surface, he is measured and reserved yet he feels quite deeply, but is unsure of how to express it.

Emmy: 20s-30s. Nora and Torvald's daughter. Emmy may be young, but she is not to be underestimated. She is cunning, wise and self-aware.


UNDER PAR by Raeghn Draper

Raven: Mid-twenties woman, black or biracial, from Chicago.

Tray: Twenty-year-old black man. Homeless and dirty and is struggling with an ongoing mental illness.

Woman: Any age, any race.

Departure, Initiation, Return: The Bus - A One-act Play without Words by Sean Carey

Young woman: A voyager, trying to reach her “destination." She is mid-twenties and perhaps a bit "old-fashioned," hat, scarf, dress, overcoat, bag, book(s). This character carries the audience with her on her physical journey.

Young man: A fellow traveler, whose “destination” is always just out of reach.

Old woman: ‘Medusa" like in the play's mythology. She is a “bag lady." She has LOTS of bags.

Man: A Titan Cronus devouring his sons, in the mythology that inspires the play. He is constantly eating various types of fast food: burger and fries with ketchup packets, bucket of chicken, Monster energy drinks, Cheetos etc.

Yuppie man: He represents "the dead," and is late 30s, wears a suit, overcoat draped over arm, briefcase, phone in hand, bluetooth in ear, newspaper in hand. His corporate appearance embodies his numbness to the world.

Chekhov's Potato by Charles Sipps

Chris: A person who is not Jamie.

Jamie: A person who is not Chris.

The writer: A monster (but not really).