Stage Center Theatre at NEIU is thrilled to announce auditions for our upcoming production of RESIDENCE by Laura Jacqmin! Stage Center welcomes all actors from the campus community and all experience levels. Come out and join us this semester!  Audition info is listed below.  We strongly recommend that you schedule your audition slot in advance, but walk-ins are always welcome!  All auditions will be held in Room 109 in Building F.

Audition Times for "Residence" by Laura Jacqmin

  • Jan. 15 from 6-8:30 p.m.
  • Jan. 16 from 3-4 p.m. and 6-8:30 p.m.
  • Jan. 17 (Callbacks) typically between 6-8:30 p.m. but determined by the director.


  • Prepare a 60-90 second contemporary (ideally from 2000 on)  monologue from a play.   Come share your work with us.
  • If you don't have a monologue never fear! We will provide you with sides (short cuts of scenes from the play or from multiple plays) for you to prepare in depth in advance. Please let us know that this is your preference at the address and we will provide you with a scene!
  • Just heard about us and don’t have materials yet? No problem and no worries.  you can still come out even if you don't have either prepared and we can provide you with sides when you arrive at the audition. You will then get time in the waiting area to prep.
  • We welcome ALL experience levels in Stage Center Theatre! If you'd like assistance in preparing for your audition, please feel free to contact Assistant Professor Adam Goldstein @ to work on your material, or to discuss possible audition material options.


  • MAGGIE: 20s-30s, from Wisconsin, medical supply saleswoman. Not entirely stable right now. Guest at the Residence.
  • BOBBY: 30ish, Cuban-American, but his Spanish sucks. A bit of a stoner, but with swagger. Front desk clerk at the Residence.
  • THERESA: 22, white as written, but all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Perky, current State University student. Used to be a front desk clerk but has recently been promoted to management trainee at the Residence.
  • DOCTOR: 30s-40s. Actor of color preferred, but all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.  Plays a family medicine doctor, then a mobile-house call doctor, then an OB/GYN. (Also plays BEN though this track may be split between multiple actors.)
  • BEN (voice only): Maggie's husband. (Also potentially plays DOCTOR.)
  • NITA: 34, gorgeous, half Mexican, half Black. College professor. Rich girl. Bobby's ex.


Notice to Off-Loop non-union actors

The theatre program within the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre is a liberal arts program serving the whole University community. Since the beginning, the program has had an open casting policy, which means roles are open to students, faculty, staff and people from the Chicago area.

Our casting priorities are as follows:

  • NEIU Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Non-NEIU current undergraduate students from Chicago/Chicagoland community
  • Chicago/Chicagoland actors:  Typically, we find that Off-Loop actors are motivated to audition for roles in the University productions to get the opportunity to play specific roles, or to add more evidence of experience to their resumes. Stage Center Theatre roles are non-paying, and our directors are encouraged to cast students for the majority of roles.