Nuevas Voces at NEIU
A 10-Minute Playwriting Contest and Festival
at Northeastern Illinois University

The Nuevas Voces Contest and Festival was founded by alumnus and former Northeastern professor Jim Blair to create a platform at Northeastern Illinois University for new playwrights; nuevas voces at NEIU and the greater Chicago community. Jim Blair also teaches a playwriting workshop each fall through NEIU's Office of Community & Professional Education.

Spring 2019 WINNERS

First Place: Shannon Naylor
"The Fear of the Little Things"
Second Place:
Emily Feldman
"Live It Up List"
Third Place: Ariel Notterman
Honorable Mention: James Jarvis
"Too True to Be Good" 

Performances Dates: October 3,4,5, 2019

Next Contest in Spring 2020

Submission Deadline: TBA
Winners Announced: TBA
Tentative Performances Dates: TBA

Entry Categories

  1. High school students in Illinois
  2. Current NEIU or other college students in Illinois ages 17-28 (full- or part-time)
  3. Age 29 and older, Illinois Resident

A $15 registration fee will be applied unless you are enrolled in Jim Blair's non-credit Playwriting Workshop or NEIU's credit Playwriting course.

Submission Information

Email Submissions:
Then, email your submission in word or PDF format to Christie Miller at Please submit a separate cover page with your name, phone number and email. We will remove the cover and assign each play a number. Please do not include your name anywhere else but on your cover page. Please use 12 point font and double space between speakers. The cast may not exceed five actors. Make sure you time your play so that it is 10 minutes or less. Longer plays cannot be considered for performance. Please submit translations if any of your dialogue is in a language other than English. One submission per playwright.

  • The author’s name must NOT appear on any of the pages except for the cover sheet
  • Pages should be numbered

The Nuevas Voces at NEIU 10-Minute Playwriting Contest and Festival will will consider only original work. Plays submitted which are based on any other published work, including but not limited to novels, short stories, films, teleplays, other theatrical scripts, etc., unless also written by the submitting author(s), are ineligible. Judges will make final production decisions based on the quality of the work and practicality of production, and such decisions shall be final.