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Honors Orientation

Is Honors extra work? 

No, Honors is different work. Honors courses allow you to go more in-depth on course subjects, and tend to be more research-focused. Students usually get to pursue topics regular classes may not allow time for. 

Do I get a scholarship?

Yes, statistically. Over 75 percent of Honors students who apply for a Merit Tuition Scholarship receive one, and it pays for up to nine hours of tuition per semester. The application deadline for fall is July 15, for spring it’s November 1, and summer is April 15.

Can I finish my degree on time if I join the Honors Program?

Yes! At your first Honors advising session we work together to make a plan based on when you want to graduate. 

Why should I do a thesis/creative project? 

Simply put, it gives you an edge on everyone else applying for that job or to that graduate program. It demonstrates to a potential employer or graduate admissions committee that you have successful experience with identifying a problem that needs to be addressed, coming up with a way to address the problem, implementing the solution, evaluating the process, and reporting on outcomes. If you have done a thesis, a graduate program is more likely to admit you since you are familiar with the process.  

Can I get money to support my thesis/creative project research?

Yes! You can get up to $200 to purchase supplies, software, etc. for your thesis/creative project.

Can I use my thesis as a capstone project for my major?

We have worked with several majors, including Psychology and Social Work, to have the Honors Thesis count for the capstone requirements in those majors. 

What distinction do I get for completing the Honors Program?

You receive the “Honors Scholar” distinction on your diploma and your transcript. This lets prospective employers and graduate admissions committees know you are “a cut above” other graduates based on the nature of the classes you took and the fact that you completed a thesis. You also get a gold tassel for your cap (other NEIU grads get blue) and a special medallion to wear at commencement—you can ALWAYS tell the Honors students from those who merely have a high GPA, because the Honors medallion and the GPA medallion clink together when you walk!

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