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Find out your language knowledge with the Language Placement Exam.

Read these instructions before taking the online placement exam.

  1. The exam is offered in Chinese, English (ESL), French and Spanish.
  2. For languages without online exams, contact the instructor for appropriate placement.
  3. Only the first (earliest) exam result will be used for course placement purposes, not repeated exam attempts.
  4. Please allow 24 hours for test scores to be processed before attempting to enroll. If you need immediate permission to enroll, contact Tom Griffin at or Jeanette Hernandez at
  5. Students without an NEIU student ID number can take the exam in-person at the Language Learning Lab (Room LIB 451) on the fourth floor of the Ronald Williams Library.
  6. When prompted, carefully enter your name and nine-digit student ID number.
  7. At the end of the test, print the results page for your records and to claim extra credit.
  8. To reprint copies of your privious test results, re-enter the test website, select the language option, go to the survey form and fill out the first four fields of the survey (as pictured below) with the following information exactly as originally typed and names typed in ALL CAPS. Click the "Resume" button and the original test result will be displayed for printing.
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Student ID number
    • Email address
  9. Begin the test by clicking the first Quick Link on the right of this page.
  10. For more information, contact Tom Griffin in the Language Learning Lab at (773) 442-4752.

French Exam Score

Recommended Course Level Spanish Exam Score Recommended Course Level
Below 283 French 101 Below 234 Spanish 101
283 to 310 French 102 234 to 311 Spanish 102, 105
311 to 445 Any 200 level course 312 to 383 Spanish 201
Above 445 Any 300 level course 384 to 445 Spanish 202, 205
    445 to 550 Spanish 209, 225, 220, 224
    Above 550 Spanish 252, 253

Screenshot of Survey to Reprint Placement Exam Results 

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