News of the Alumni

Colin Anderson
I graduated from NEIU in 2006, earning a bachelors in Philosophy and History.  After NEIU I attended the John Marshall Law School and graduated in 2009.  I am currently an associate attorney with Barone & Jenkins, P.C., focusing my practice on civil litigation, criminal defense, and foreclosure defense.  My wife and I have also established a Not-For-Profit Corporation called the Animal Law Project.

Caleb Avraham
Caleb Avraham graduated from NEIU with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in History in Fall '03.  After NEIU, Caleb attended the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration where he received an 'AM in Social Work with a concentration in Community Schools.  After Chicago, he moved to Washington, DC where he worked for three years with the Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation as a Program Coordinator, Lifelong Learning Coach and GED instructor for Ex-Offenders for three years.  Caleb is currently pursuing a JD at Emory University School of Law.  His interest are Criminal Defense and Labor/Employment Litigation.  Caleb is married to Mrs. Sarah Syed and is expecting a beautiful baby girl in June.

Kevin Boyle
Kevin Boyle graduated from NEIU in 2002 with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Philosophy.  After NEIU, Kevin earned his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in 2004.  Kevin now works as an environmental lawyer for Flint Hills Resources, a large oil company based in Wichita, KS.  Prior to that Kevin practiced environmental law at the law firm Godfrey & Kahn in Milwaukee, WI.  Kevin lives in Wichita with his wife, Amanda, and three sons, Alston, Connor and Brady.  Kevin plays lacrosse as a member of the Wichita Men's Lacrosse Club.  Kevin was recently hired to coach the Croatian National Men's Lacrosse Championships in Budapest in 2016.

Brad Conroy
Graduated from NEIU 2003 with a B.FA in Music Performance, Minor in Philosophy.
Received Masters of Music Degree in December, 2005 from The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. 
See web site at

Joe Danielewicz
Joe Danielewicz spent 28 years at various business units of Motorola in IT data and enterprise architecture. Mr. Danielewicz is now a Senior Data Architect at General Motors in Chandler, AZ.
Danielewicz received his BA degree in philosophy from Northeastern Illinois University in 1973 and Masters of Science in CIS from University of Phoenix in 2005.
Mr. Danielewicz published the on-line article, “Finding Meaning in Systems”, on TDAN at  and presented “Applying Six Sigma to Master Data Management(MDM)” at Enterprise Data World conference.

Jonathan Gronli
Jonathan Gronli graduated from NEIU in 2009 with a BA in Philosophy. He returned to NEIU for an MA in English in 2010. He finished the program in 2014. His graduate work predominantly revolved around four fields: reading horror as a history, examining the effect of interactive and immersive technology on storytelling, literacy and community building, the evolution of copyright and technology, and the concept of open-source authorship. These projects are ongoing. He also plans to try to get works of fiction started during the English Department's Summer Creative Writing Institute published.
Professionally, Jonathan has continued some of the things that he was doing during his undergraduate years while also finding new things to do. He has continued as a freelance gaming journalist, which he has been doing since March 2008. He served as a Green Party Ward Committeeman. Just after getting into NEIU's graduate college, he was contracted to proofread and edit the content on the graduate college's website. On October 16, 2012, he released a game with a friend titled Towers of Ajura, which he acted as a narrative designer. As of March 2, 2015, he started working as an Administrative Assistant for, a company that celebrates the contributions of Jewish athletes and prominent Jewish figures in and around Major League Baseball while also raising money for various non-profit organizations.

Amy Hansen
Graduated from NEIU in August, 2004 with B.A. in Speech Communication, Minor in Philosophy.
Currently working at Stericycle Inc as a Senior Customer Service Representative and Regional Account Representative.

Jacob S. Heiss
Graduated from NEIU Fall, 2003 with B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy.
Graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2008 with an M.Div. in theological studies and a focus on Jewish-Christian relations. See Currently serving as associate pastor for outreach, small groups, and Christian education at The First Evangelical Free Church of Chicago. See
In my spare time: Loves running and putting his NEIU music minor to work as the bandleader, lead vocalist, and lead guitarist of popular Chicago-based project, Identity Crises Incorporated. See

Jem Hilton
Jem Hilton received his MA in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His thesis attempted to reconstruct and orient G.E. Moore's Principia Ethica in terms of it's role in setting the agenda for early 20th century metaethical discourse and to place Moore's view of naturalism in dialogical context with John Dewey's alternative naturalist metaphysics. Prior to attending UW-M, Jem attended Northeastern Illinois University, where he received his BA in Philosophy. Jem's current interests are in historical and contemporary views in metaethics and, history of analytic philosophy, American Pragmatism, South and East Asian Philosophies, Autonomy, and issues in epistemology regarding authority, expertise and testimony.  He has taught at Northeastern Illinois University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the College of Lake County.

Kenshin Hitengoku
I graduated May 2012 with a degree in philosophy and geography. I am currently pursuing a PhD in geography, focusing on climatology and meteorology.

Desmond Jagmohan
Desmond Jagmohan, who graduated summa cum laude from NEIU with degrees in Philosophy and History, has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University. From 2014 to 2016, he will be a Postdoctoral Research Associate and from July 2016 he will be Assistant Professor of Politics. Desmond is a political theorist and he works in the areas of modern, American, and African American political thought. He also has special interests in slavery and modern political theory and theories of domination and liberty. Desmond has been awarded fellowships from the University of Chicago, University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan, University of Massachusetts, Princeton University, and several fellowships and grants from Cornell University. Desmond has an M.A. (2011) and a Ph.D. (December 2014) in Government from Cornell University.

Brian Kaess

Brian Paul Kaess graduated from Northeastern Illinois University  with a B.A. cum laude in Philosophy and a Minor in History in May 1992. Before that, he earned an A.S. in General Studies from Northern Virginia Community College in August 1987. Subsequently, he has worked as a Clerk, H.S. Registrar, and ESL Instructor. He has taught English in South Korea twice and met his current wife Mayte while teaching at Truman College in Chicago.  She was his ESL student. Brian is also a Veteran. He has served in the U.S. Army, Illinois Army National Guard, and U.S Marines (in Cuba).  He has Honorable Discharges from all three branches. He is a U.S. Disabled Veteran (10%). Brian also enjoys Confederate Heritage and has been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Military Order of Stars and Bars. Brian is currently a member of the Polish  Genealogical Society of America, based in Chicago. Brian enjoys online Genealogy as a hobby. He has written a number of ebooks (in Genealogy). Brian has been living in Durango, Mexico, for about ten years now. Both his wife Mayte and son Paul are dual U.S./Mexican citizens.


Sara Lemes

Graduated from NEIU, Fall 2005 with a B.A. in Elementary Education, Minor in Philosophy.Currently working as a sixth grade Science teacher at John J. Lukancic Middle School.  Received a Master's degree from Concordia University in School Counseling in 2010.

Andrew Lieberthal

In 2009, I graduated from NEIU with a BA majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy.  In 2012 I earned my master's degree from Roosevelt University in Elementary Education.  I am now a 5th grade special education teacher at the School of Excellence in Colorado Springs, CO.

Tim Lydon
Graduated from NEIU in 2007 with a BA in Philosophy.
Began graduate studies at NEIU in Counselor Education Program in Fall of 2009. Received MA in Rehabilitation Counseling in August of 2013. Currently employed as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I am interested in ethics and social & political philosophy and enjoy composing and playing music and motorcycle riding.

Israel Moskovits
Israel Moskovits graduated with a major in philosophy and a minor in media.  He graduated from Loyola University Chicago Law School and now works as a bankruptcy attorney for Robert J. Semrad and Associates. In 2007, he completed a feature-length narrative film, "Narrow Bridge", dealing with sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community.  Several scenes were filmed at Northeastern featuring Northeastern Philosophy students and faculty.  Israel found his philosophy education to be immeasurably helpful in succeeding in law school (take note, Phil majors!)

Osvaldo Santiago
Osvaldo Santiago graduated from NEIU in August 2009 with a B.A. in Philosophy and English.  
Previously, he earned an A.A. ('06) with Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, IL.  He works for the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in Northfield, IL as a Regulatory Specialist for the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program.  Osvaldo is currently enrolled in the divinity school at Trinity International University (TIU) in Deerfield, IL, pursuing Master of Arts degrees in Philosophy of Religion and New Testament Studies.  After completion of the programs at TIU, he intends to pursue cross-disciplinary doctoral work in the fields of religion, philosophy, and literature.


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