The Philosophy Program prides itself on its student-focused advising. All of the full-time Philosophy faculty serve as advisors and we work together as a team. Whether it's what courses to register for, how to navigate financial aid, or how to apply for graduate school, we're here to serve you. We can meet in person or online. Though you may be assigned a specific advisor, you're welcome to talk to whichever of us you wish. We're also happy to serve you after graduation. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need recommendation letters, advice on graduate or law school, or just want to discuss philosophy. 

Advising forms and Other information

In your career as a major or minor in Philosophy at Northeastern, you'll need to chart your course of study. Much of this will be done in consultation with your advisors (see below). Some of this can be done by yourself, with the aid of the following documents.

But first, be sure you have declared your major (or minor) in Philosophy. You can do this by filling out the Declaring a Major Form (or Declaring a Minor Form) and returning it to the Program Coordinator (listed below).

Once you do this, you can chart your path through the major by meeting with your advisor and by using the Philosophy Major Advising Worksheet. This document is a guide through both the Philosophy major and the University requirements.

The Philosophy Major Course Record form attests that you have completed (or will complete) the requirements for the major in Philosophy. (See the current catalog requirements for a B.A. in Philosophy.) This form will be filled out and signed by your advisor. You must present it to Registration and Records along with your application for graduation. See how to apply for graduation from Northeastern. See also the Philosophy Minor Course Record form.

transferring to neiu philosophy

Northeastern allows you to transfer up to 90 total transfer credits (with a maximum of 64 from community college, including AP and CLEP credit). You can transfer a maximum of 15 credits toward the completion of the Philosophy major. See the Transfer Students FAQ page for more information on transferring at Northeastern.

Philosophy Faculty Advisors

Dr. John Casey
Lech Walesa Hall Room 3085 
(773) 442-5922

Dr. Stacey Goguen
Lech Walesa Hall Room 3086 
(773) 442-5797

Dr. Daniel Milsky
Lech Walesa Hall Room 3084 
(773) 442-5798

Philosophy Program Services AidE

Tom Antrim
Lech Walesa Hall 3062
(773) 442-5795