Mathematics provides tools and techniques that can be applied to solve problems in many fields. With a minor in Mathematics, students learn to apply these tools, and consequently improve their career opportunities. Our programs are designed to prepare Mathematics minors for jobs currently offered by industry, business, government and educational institutions. The choice of a program should reflect the student’s academic interests as well as career plans.

Mathematics minors at Northeastern Illinois University may choose from three programs, which determines both the set of required and the set of elective courses in mathematics: Applied Mathematics Minor, Elementary Education and Humanities Mathematics Minor and Mathematical & Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems Minor.

The Mathematics Department has institutional memberships in American Mathematical Society, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and Association for Women in Mathematics.

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Take a closer look at the minor in Elementary Education and Humanities Mathematics and the courses offered toward the program.

Elementary Education and Humanities Mathematics, Minor

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If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Mathematics.

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