John Amundsen, Sarah Kane endow the John Amundsen and Sarah Kane Scholarship in History

“I was very inspired when I received a message from the History Department about helping students who haven't trod a traditional path in higher education, but who are nonetheless making great strides as History majors. This message spoke to me, as I didn't have a traditional undergraduate experience, transferring to NEIU. Northeastern's History Department not only gave me an academic home, but also gave me the flexibility I needed to finish my degree at my own pace.

When I learned that there were current transfer students and other upperclassmen in the History Department whose higher education path — like mine contained some twists and turns, and that as a consequence they weren't always eligible for certain scholarships, I knew that these were the type of students I wanted to help. My wife Sarah and I are proud to have established this scholarship for History majors who are coming into their own, and for whom a scholarship can make a real difference in persisting in their education.” -Alumnus John Amundsen

The generous donation by John Amundsen (B.A. History '05) and Sarah Kane will enable the History Department to provide $2,000 in scholarship funds each year to support History students, and especially those who "haven't trod a traditional path in higher education" as John writes.

Thank you, John and Sarah for your generosity!

Our world-class faculty and students engage in the study of the historical development of a broad spectrum of human societies. We analyze historical change rather than memorize facts. Members of the department produce award-winning research and have been selected by the University for their teaching excellence.

The Department of History offers courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. History is a flexible major that allows students to choose among a variety of electives based on their interests. Students can also choose history as a minor, which combines well with many majors.

SPRING 2024 HistorY Class Schedule

Career Opportunities for the History Major or Minor

As a history student you will develop skills of critical thinking and writing that you will find indispensable as you pursue a variety of careers, including education, research, law, business, public affairs and the service professions. For more information, read the "AHA's Careers for History Majors" and "What Can I Do With a Degree in History?"

If you are interested in pursuing law school after completing your History degree, please contact David Nissam-Sabat, pre-professional advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences, at or visit the Pre-Professional Advising website.

How to Become a History Major or Minor

To become a History major or minor, contact department chair Mateo Farzaneh at, or visit the Department of History in Room LWH 4085 and fill out a declaration form.

If you are also going into secondary education you need to declare both secondary education and history as majors. To find out more about the secondary education program, please contact Daniel L. Goodwin College of Education program advisor Vanessa King at You may contact the Goodwin College of Education office at (773) 442-5500 or

For general NEIU admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the application process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer students and returning veterans to transition to our campus.


When you declare history as your major/minor you will be assigned to an advisor. During the fall and spring semesters you should contact your assigned advisor for guidance about degree requirements, transfer credits, and which classes to take. Your advisor’s name is listed under your Academic Profile on NEIUport. If you wish to see someone else, please contact the History Department office at (773) 442-5630. During the summer semester, please see Professor Farzaneh.

undergraduate major advisors

undergraduate minor advisor, summer advising

Mateo Farzaneh, chair of the Department of History, advises majors in the summer. Professor Farzaneh also does advising all year for minors, students in the Teacher Licensure Program, and Second Bachelor’s students. Please contact him at

graduate advising

If you are a Master of Arts student or interested in the program, please contact Professor Francesca Morgan at


The Department of History has five awards available for students:

  • The Brommel-Lindberg Scholarship in History provides one undergraduate history major at the junior level or above $1,200 for tuition and fees at Northeastern for the following academic year.
  • The J. Frederick MacDonald Scholarship provides one undergraduate history major at the junior level or above $1,000 for tuition and fees the following academic year.
  • The Dr. Joseph C. Morton Scholarship in History provides $1,000 for one student toward undergraduate or graduate studies in History.
  • The Susan E. Rosa Memorial Scholarship provides $1,725 for a promising student who embodies Susan's high standards and love of learning.
  • The John Amundsen & Sarah Kane Scholarship in History provides $2,000 for students who show promise in History, but who may have experienced a financial or other impediment that may prevent them from persisting.

The deadline to apply for the 2023-2024 awards has already passed. Questions may be addressed to Professor Mateo Farzaneh at

Clubs and Organizations

Students can join Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society. Phi Alpha Theta hosts several events each year. Students are also encouraged to attend seminars at the Newberry Library. Students interested in law school are welcome to join the Pre-Law Society.