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Graduation Ceremony


Our alumni have gone into a wide variety of fields after graduating from the Communication, Media and Theatre department. Here is a sample of their accomplishments:

Samentha Sepulveda (B.A. 2015, M.A. 2017)
Samentha is now a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she is taking a mixed-methods approach toward the study of Intercultural Communication.  

Devin Pickell (B.A., 2017)
Devin joined the Jerry Thomas PR firm after graduation, and then he moved into technology marketing as a Content Specialist at G2 Crowd

Alyssa Vincent (M.A., 2017)
Alyssa is now an Assistant Professor and Digital Scholarship Librarian at Northeastern Illinois University's Ronald Williams Library

Selena Alvarado (B.A., 2017)
Selena was hired as the marketing coordinator at the event planning/design company Lil Epic Design after completing an internship with the company. 

Javier Aquino (B.A., 2015)
Javier went on to complete a master's degree in Educational Leadership at Concordia University Chicago and then entered a doctoral program in Interdisciplinary Leadership - Higher Education Administration at Governor's State University.

Benjamin Van Loon (M.A., 2015)
Benjamin leads communications for the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill LLP (SOM), the global architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firm founded in Chicago in 1936.

Taylor Seletos (B.A., 2015)
Taylor is an account manager for LaSalle Network.  

Kimberly Shotick (M.A., 2014)
Kimberly is now Assistant Dean for User Services and Outreach at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Paul V. Gavin Library

Melissa Brand (B.A., 2014)
Melissa was hired as the communications coordinator for the Glenview Park District.

Natalia Eicker (B.A., 2014)
Natalia was hired as the development assistant at the Chicago Botanic Garden where she assists with fundraising, event planning, and donor stewardship.

Katie Kelly (B.A., 2014)
Katie was accepted into the Loyola University Paralegal Studies program. 

Aleksandra Wyrazik (B.A., 2014)
Aleksandra was accepted into the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

James McNeil (B.A. 2012)
James completed an M.A. in Communication at the University of Colorado Denver where he is now employed as an instructor in the Communication Department. James also teaches communication courses at Regis University in Denver. 

Rico Self (M.A. 2012)
Rico is now a Ph.D. student in Communication Studies (with a focus in Rhetorical Studies) at Louisiana State University

Daniella Bajtner (B.A., 2012)
Daniella was accepted into the Master of Arts in Organizational and Multicultural Communication program at DePaul University. 

Julie Wight (M.A. 2012)
Julie was accepted into the Ph.D. program in Communication Studies at the University of Minnesota. In February 2013, Julie was selected by the White House to participate on a social media panel for President Obama's 2013 State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. She presented her research at the 2013 Gender Matters conference and the 2013 Central States Communication Association conference. 

Jasmin Bleu Pellegrino (B.A., 2012)
Jasmin was accepted into the graduate program in Photojournalism at Boston University (BU). In 2012, she received First Place for her photo essay about the current state of Gary, Ind., from the Illinois College Press Association. She has worked for BU News Service, and has traveled throughout New Hampshire to cover the Obama/Romney Campaign. For more information about her work, visit 

Nicole Kashan (M.A. 2011)
Nicole was accepted into a Ph.D. program at Michigan State University.

Alexis Waters (M.A. 2011)
Alexis was accepted into a Ph.D. program at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Abby Lenz (B.A. 2010)
Abby was hired by the Neal & McDevitt Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois.

Kimberly Podgorski (B.A., 2010)
Kimberly is employed as web editor for NBC Chicago, and was recently hired as a WGN assignment editor. 

Paulina Kowalczyk (B.A., 2010)
Paulina works as a Family Resource Specialist at Illinois Action for Children

Laura Aldmeyer (B.A. 2009)
Laura is now employed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Anna Cannova (B.A. 2009)
Anna is now a public information specialist in the NEIU Office of Public Relations.

Michalina Maliszewska (M.A., 2009)
Michalina is now the Coordinator of Graduate Student Activities in the College of Graduate Studies and Research at NEIU. 

Aaron Olbur (B.A., 2009)
Aaron is a Grassroots Marketing representative at Road Runner Sports in San Diego. 

Jeffrey Tischauser (M.A, 2008)
Jeffery published his book "Anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim Bias in American Newspapers" (Edwin Mellin, 2010; foreword by Katrina Bell-Jordan). This book stemmed from Jeffrey’s M.A. thesis project.

PJ Randhawa (B.A., 2008)
After graduating with a B.A. from NEIU, PJ earned an M.A. in Journalism from DePaul University. She now works as a TV News Reporter for ABC in Rapid City, SD. 

Viviana Belisle (M.A. 2007)
Viviana is now Communications Director and Advertising Liaison at Chicago-based Inclusion Solutions, where she coordinates the marketing of products and promotion of events to business owners and the disability community for a company whose mission is to advocate, increase awareness, and develop solutions for accessibility issues.

Phil Schlichting (B.A. 2007, Media Minor)
After graduating from Northeastern Illinois University, Phil went on to graduate from John Marshall Law School. He is now a Research Attorney at Katz Law Office Ltd.

Paul Clermont (B.A., 2003) and Fred Clermont (B.A., 2003)
Paul and Fred are both assistant principals in Florida. They also started, an organization that takes teachers and other professionals to Haiti every 4 to 5 months. 

Kyla R. Darling (B.A., 1999)
Kyla has been working as a producer, director, and videographer of KRD Productions for the past fourteen years. In this time, she has produced more than sixty programs for a local cable station. In 2000, she received a video award (Cammy) from the Naperville community television, in the performance category. She is currently in the process of producing a documentary about bullying in the workplace. 

Vershawn Ashanti Young (M.A., 1998)
Vershawn published two books in 2011: "From Bourgeois to Boojie: Black Middle-Class Performances" (Wayne State University Press) and "Code-Meshing as World English: Pedagogy, Policy, Performance" (National Council of Teachers of English). He is the host of the New Books in African American Studies podcast. 

Nancy Greco (M.A., 1996)
Nancy works as a professional actress. She taught Theatre and Humanities at Moraine Valley College. Nancy does a lot of medical acting/communication teaching for most of the medical schools in Illinois and Indiana. She will be appearing in The Ritz at Circle Theatre in April of 2012. Since obtaining her M.A. at NEIU, Nancy has been able to support herself as an actress/performer.

Cat Gleason (B.A., 1995)
After graduating with a B.A. from NEIU, Cat earned an M.F.A. in Directing (theatre) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1999). In 2010, she completed a Ph.D. in Theatre Research at the University of Wisconsin—Madison (dissertation: "Mapping the Lincoln Park Nexus: Historiography and the Origin of Chicago's Off-Loop Theatre Movement"). She is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri—Columbia. 

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