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Advising Information

All Communication, Media and Theatre (CMT) majors and minors are assigned a primary academic advisor who can answer all advising questions. It is important that you meet with your advisor early and often. If you do not know who your academic advisor is, contact the CMT Department at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare a CMT major or one of the minors offered by CMT?

Come to the CMT Department office (Room FA 240) and fill out a major (or minor) declaration form, or email You will then be assigned an advisor in the CMT Department. Your advisor will work with you during your time as a CMT major or minor.

When should I take CMTC 305: Writing in Communication, Media and Theatre (WIP)?

It is best to take CMTC 305 as soon as possible. The course offers an overview of writing, and a theoretical overview of communication, media and theatre. As such, the sooner you take the course, the better prepared you will be in later, upper-division courses.

How and when should I apply for graduation?

First, print out a graduation application or pick one up from Enrollment Management Services in Room D 101. Then, set up a time to meet with your major (and if applicable, minor) advisor(s). If you expect to graduate in May, the deadline to submit the graduation application is the previous September; if you expect to graduate in August, the deadline is usually in January; if you expect to graduate in December, the deadline is usually in May. For example, if you expect to graduate in August 2023, the deadline to submit your graduation application is Jan. 18, 2023. If you expect to graduate in December 2023, the deadline to submit your graduation application is May 16, 2023. See graduation filing deadlines.

I completed my general education courses and my major requirements. Am I ready to graduate?

Not necessarily. The University has additional requirements you need to fulfill in order to earn a bachelor’s degree. View Northeastern Illinois University’s graduation requirements.

Why can I register for some classes and not others?

There may be a few reasons. First, make sure you have completed the prerequisites to the class. If you have fulfilled the prerequisites, then see if the class is full. If the class if full, contact the instructor to see if they will authorize you to take the course or will put you on a waitlist.

What if I change my mind about a CMT major or minor?

If you change your mind, you need to either undeclare your major/minor or change your major/minor via a new declaration form in the CMT Department office (Room FA 240) or email

What if my question is not answered here?

Your advisor can help to answer any questions not listed here, or email