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All presentations will be held at the Ronald Williams Library, 4th floor, Room LIB 412, unless stated otherwise.

Monday, April 2, 2018

10:30-11:20 A.M.

Staying Healthy With No Time and No Money
Presenter: Sharon Heimbaugh (NEIU Student Health Services)
Audience: Students
Tips for college students: How to eat healthy, stay fit and prevent illness with no time and no money.

11:30 A.M.-12:20 P.M.

The Debt Dilemma: Managing Debt, Managing Stress
Presenter: Solomon Dixon (NEIU TRIO SSS Peer Coach)
Audience: Students

The goal of my workshop is to challenge my peers to understand the connection that accrual of financial debt has to stress-related challenges during their college career. The outcome of my workshop is to inspire discipline in personal finances for the sake of financial freedom and to encourage a pursuit of continued education in financial literacy as a lifestyle.
(This session fulfills the financial literacy requirement for TRIO students.)

12:55-1:45 P.M.

​Planning Your Semester with Nmail Calendar
Presenter: Benjamin Anderson (NEIU Learning Success Center)
Audience: Students

I will demonstrate to students how to enter their class schedule into Nmail Calendar and enter all assignments from syllabi into their calendar. Additionally, I will demonstrate how to plan study times and start dates for large assignments and set reminders to ensure their completion. 

2:20-3:10 P.M.

Unofficial Guide to the College of Education
Presenter: Molly Probst (NEIU TRIO SSS Student)
Audience: Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents

Suggested for anyone interested in applying for or currently in the Goodwin College of Education (GCOE). There are many steps to take to get into the GCOE and maneuvering around them can be difficult. We want to help! This presentation is a collaborative effort, created by NEIU students that have personal experience applying to the College. We will give tips and advice on what it takes to make it into the GCOE.

4:15-6:15 P.M.

TRIO SSS Orientation
Presenter: Monica Teixeira (NEIU TRIO SSS Staff)
Audience: New TRIO SSS Students

Required one time orientation for new TRIO SSS students and for current TRIO students who need an overview about the program. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

10:50-11:40 A.M.

Chicago Style Format: An Introduction
Presenter: Thomas Montbriand (NEIU Learning Success Center)
Audience: Students

This workshop is on the Chicago Manual Style of writing. This style is the most common style used in popular non-fiction.

12:15-1:05 P.M.

Setting Goals and Staying Motivated
Presenter: Marianyelli Hanna (NEIU TRIO SSS Staff)
Audience: Students

Do you create goals, but have a difficult time staying motivated or accomplishing them? This workshop will discuss the different types of goals, how to create goals using the SMART method, as well as the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. 

1:40-2:30 P.M. 

Managing the Imposter Syndrome: Recognizing the (Im)possibilities Within Yourself
Presenters: Maria Genao-Homs (NEIU Pedroso Center) & Wilfredo Alvarez (NEIU Faculty - Communication, Media and Theatre)
Audience: Students, Staff, Faculty

Imposter syndrome is a concept that can affect all persons, but repeatedly recognized in students from socially marginalized groups. In this session, participants will: Develop an understanding of the concepts of stereotype threat and imposter syndrome and identify how they can be present in the conscious and subconscious. Be able to assess their own experiences as they relate to these concepts and learn methods to assist in developing coping mechanisms.

3:05-3:55 P.M.

The Wealth Formula
Presenter: Rebecca Schmidt (Financial Professional)
Audience: Students

How to determine if you are developing wealth and what education concepts to consider when starting to develop wealth.
(This session fulfills the financial literacy requirement for TRIO students.)

4:15-5:05 P.M.

Manage Stress and Self-Care with Student Counseling and Career Services
Presenter: Michael McPartland (NEIU Student Counseling and Career Services)
Audience: Students, Staff, Faculty, Parents

We will be addressing common sources of stress for college students, signs of stress as well as ways to manage stress/multiple obligations. We will also take time to discuss services offered by both Student Counseling Services and Student Career Services (now housed together as Student Counseling and Career Services).

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

9:30-10:20 A.M.

Learning in the Library: Services and Resources to Help You Succeed 
Presenter: Alyssa Vincent (NEIU Library)
Audience: Students

I'll discuss how students can use the library catalog and databases to find physical and digital resources to support their classwork, and will talk about services available in the library (research consultations with librarians, art gallery space, technology support in through the Multimedia Learning Resource Center, etc.). 

10:30-11:20 A.M.

Finding the Way to Your Ikigai: Pursuing Your Purpose
Presenter: Jesse Rutschman (NEIU TRIO SSS Staff)

Audience: Students
‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese concept meaning “reason for being." In this workshop, you will: 1) explore your talents, values, and relevant possibilities leading to career fulfillment; 2) identify the skills, experience, and education needed for these career possibilities; and 3) set goals to gain the needed skills, experience, and education.  Finally, learn about opportunities that will help you land internships and jobs, as well as further explore your strengths.

11:30 A.M.-12:20 P.M.

Professionalism 101: How to Attend a Professional Conference
Presenter: William Escalante (NEIU TRIO SSS Staff)
Audience: Students

This session will cover many aspects of attending a professional conference from how to prepare, navigating the “vendor fair,” and what to do afterwards. 

2:20-3:10 P.M. 

Persisting to Graduation: Data and Praxis
Presenters: Doug Lawson (NEIU Student Disability Services) and Dr. Francisco X. Gaytan (NEIU Provost's Fellow for Student Success and Retention and Director of ENLACE Leadership Institute)

Audience: Students, Faculty, Staff
This session will walk you through national, statewide, and NEIU data regarding student success and retention. It is important to know where we are and where we need to go. Using data and best practices, you will learn strategies to implement change within yourself, your programs, and the culture of Northeastern.

3-6 P.M. 

TRIO Career and Internship Fair
Audience: Students
Various Professional Opportunities

Thursday, April, 5, 2018

9:25-10:15 A.M.

Undocumented Students/Leaders/Women: How Faculty, Staff, and Peers Can Help Us Succeed in our Education, Career, and Life
Presenter: Luvia Moreno (NEIU Undocumented Student Resources)
Audience: Students, Faculty, Staff, High School Students, Parents

This panel of three NEIU undocumented students/leaders/women will share their life and educational stories, and provide examples of how faculty, staff, and peers have expanded these students' leadership and professional development. The audience will learn how the University community can support undocumented students on their leadership development and professional future.

10:50-11:40 A.M.

Balance is Key! 
Presenter: Adina Lapadat (NEIU TRIO SSS Student)
Audience: Students, Staff, Faculty

Recently, I started to eat vegan and I have been reading more about the connection between food and diseases. I will be talking about what it means to have balance in our bodies and how to do that on a budget and in our hectic lives.  

1:40-2:30 P.M.

Setting Goals, Time Management and Study Skills Workshop
Presenter: Laura West (NEIU Student Center for Science Engagement)
Audience: Students

This workshop is for students who feel that there is never sufficient time for all their obligations. It is also for students seeking to use more effective studying and time management techniques. Based on scientifically supported best practices students will learn how to manage their life not just their time.

3:05-3:55 P.M.

NEIU Tool Box
Presenter: Kevin Gau (NEIU TRIO SSS Student)
Audience: Students

Everyone needs a toolbox for success. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to create your virtual toolbox of resources so that you can be successful on your NEIU journey!

4:15-5:05 P.M.

If You Want to Be a Successful Student, Treat Your Subjects Like Sports
Presenter: Frederick Prete (NEIU Faculty - Biology Department)
Audience: Students, Faculty, High School Students

Over several decades, students have taught me that: (i) teaching is the same no matter the subject; (ii) teaching is not complicated; and, (iii) the way we teach/learn (esp.) science and math doesn’t match how our brains work. Teaching requires patience, flexibility, and recognizing individuality. This is how we teach/learn athletics but the opposite of how we teach academics. So, to teach/learn effectively, academics must mimic athletics.

Friday, April 6, 2018

10:30-11:20 A.M.

Alleviating the Risks of First-Generation Students
Presenter: Christian Figueroa (DePaul University Student)
Audience: Students

My session focuses on identifying factors that compose the 'at-risk' student category and alleviating those factors.

11:30 A.M.-12:20 P.M.

My Strengths and How I Use Them
Presenters: Jesse Rutschman (NEIU TRIO SSS Staff) and Ana Ferraz-Castilho (NEIU TRIO SSS Coach)
Audience: Students, Staff, Faculty

Participants will analyze their top five StrengthsQuest Signature Themes and how one's talents can be applied to their career journey. Participants will also create a Meaningful Work Statement, to provide insight and purpose to one's career goals. From here, participants may develop a high quality professional identity statement that communicates strengths (with clear examples) and career goals. All of these activities will provide learning and tools which can be used to develop effective resumes, Personal Statements, and cover letters, as well as inform job interviews.

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