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Vehicle registration and permit validation is now open for Summer 2018. Students may register one vehicle per semester.

A student Blue Zone (formerly Level 2) parking fee is automatically included in each student’s bill. Students who choose to participate in Blue Zone parking will be assessed a parking fee based on the number of credit hours in which they are enrolled. Students who will not be parking on campus must submit a parking fee waiver to Student Payment Services (formerly Bursar Services) in D 107 in order to have this fee removed from their account. The last day to opt out of the mandatory parking fee for the summer semester is June 4, 2018.

Blue Zone Parking

Student fees (Automatically billed)

Semester Credit Hours Parking Fee
1 $10
2 $20
3 $30
4 $40
5 $50
6 $60
7 $70
8 $80
9 $90
10 $100
11 $110
12 $120
13 $130
14 $140
15 $150
16 or more Calculated at $10 per credit hour

Gold Zone Parking

Students have the option to upgrade their parking to Gold Zone (formerly Level 1). In order to secure Gold Zone parking, the student must first opt out of the Blue Zone parking fee by submitting a parking fee waiver and pay the student Gold Zone fee of $379 per semester at Student Payment Services.

Parking Waivers

Students who do not want to participate in the parking program must sign a parking fee waiver form to opt out of the parking program.

The parking fee waiver form must be submitted to Student Payment Services. A hard copy of the waiver form is also available at Student Payment Services.

Payments and Issuing

Student parking fees are included on the student bill and must be paid at Student Payment Services. If the parking fee has been waived and you wish to reinstate parking, the fee must be paid in full.

If you have any outstanding parking obligations, you will not be able to register your vehicle.


Students not requiring on-campus parking must cancel/opt out of the parking program by submitting a parking fee waiver form to Student Payment Services. A hard copy of the waiver form is also available at Student Payment Services.

All refunds will be issued in accordance with University tuition deadline dates.

Vehicle Registration

Follow the steps below to register your vehicle for the virtual permit.

  1. Verify that the parking fee is included on your bill.
  2. Complete the online vehicle registration by logging in using your NEIUport user name and password.
  3. After the registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Drop-Off Locations

There are two drop-off locations—Lech Walesa Hall and the Northeastern Child Care Center. Child Care Center drop-off parking spots may be used for temporary parking associated with the drop off and pick up of children participating in the daycare program. Lech Walesa Hall drop-off spots are for drop-off and pick-up of students only. No parking is allowed. These areas are closely monitored. Please visit the Campus Parking Locations and Maps page to view our on-campus parking options.


Contact Parking Office

T (773) 442-4117

Contact Parking Office

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