Northeastern Illinois University provides spaces for disability parking. Disability parking placards are user specific and are only valid for use by the registered disabled person. In order to be legally parked in a University disability space, your disability approval must be displayed in one of the two following ways:

State Approved Disability

A valid University virtual parking permit must be purchased and properly displayed in conjunction with your state approved disability license plate or parking placard.

University Approved Student Disability

The Student Health Services Office can issue temporary Northeastern disability permits to students that are valid for short-term disability parking for up to three weeks. A valid University virtual parking permit must be purchased in conjunction with displaying the University temporary disability permit. The University temporary disability permit is valid only on Northeastern Illinois University property.

Please call Student Health Services at (773) 442‑5800 with any questions. Anyone that illegally uses a persons with disability license plate or parking placard is subject to being fined and reported to the Illinois Attorney General for criminal prosecution.

Staff or Faculty Disability

Staff or faculty seeking an official handicap parking placard should contact the Illinois Secretary of State's Office.