Within the Division of Finance and Administration, the Parking Office has been delegated by the Northeastern Illinois University Board of Trustees to prescribe or change the designation of parking areas as necessary. This authority is promulgated under 110 ILCS 610/1 (Illinois compiled statues). Advance public notice of any parking changes will be given.

The Parking Office is responsible for the enforcement of regulations controlling vehicles on University property. Citations are issued by the Chicago Police Department for parking violations on city streets bordering Northeastern campuses.

The Parking Office administration reserves the right to make authorized changes in campus rules and regulations as deemed fit for the benefit of Northeastern Illinois University. By state law, parking operations must be self-supporting. Therefore, parking revenues must cover parking expenses, and the University is not allowed to subsidize parking operations with state funds.


Parking on Northeastern’s campuses is limited, and parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking refunds for students are automatically adjusted on their student billing in accordance with established Northeastern class drop-date guidelines or by canceling parking with submission of a parking waiver prior to published deadlines.


Parking rules and regulations exist to manage parking on campus, provide parking safety information, ensure efficient use of University parking and facilitate the general parking operations of the University. Parking fees and fines are established to cover parking operational expenses, provide equitable user rates and promote compliance with Northeastern Illinois University’s parking rules and regulations.


It is the responsibility of all parking users to obtain, read, understand and abide by the rules and regulations established by the University. All owners/drivers parked on the Northeastern campuses must be parked in a space marked and designated by the University as a valid parking space. In order to be legitimately parked on campus, all vehicles must be registered with a valid Northeastern virtual parking permit. This virtual permit is enforced seven days a week, 24 hours a day. All motor vehicles parked on University property must have valid state registration and license plates. The registered owner and/or operator of a vehicle is responsible for the virtual parking permit and all citations issued to the vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the driver to remember to register the temporary vehicle being used while their primary vehicle is in the shop for repairs, etc. Failure to remember to register the vehicle may result in a parking citation.

Establishing operator responsibility for parking violations of unregistered vehicles will be determined by the reasonable association that a student, faculty or staff member with the same address as the registered owner of the vehicle is the operator of that vehicle. When two or more students, faculty or staff reside at the same address, the assumption is that one or more are operators. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

Lack of parking spaces is not justification for illegal parking. Any person operating a motor vehicle on Northeastern Illinois University property must comply with all traffic regulations as set forth by the State of Illinois and Northeastern Illinois University.