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Welcome To The Ombuds Office

Important Message ABout Ombuds Office Services

Ombuds services are temporarily unavailable as the University Ombuds position is currently vacant. NEIU is in the process of identifying the next University Ombuds. In the meantime, we encourage employees and students to reach out to other NEIU resources that can assist them in navigating difficult university-related situations.

What is the Ombuds Office?

The Ombuds Office is a confidential and informal resource for Northeastern faculty, staff and students who are interested in discussing and addressing any university-related concern or difficult situation, such as conflict. The Ombuds is an independent person who works to understand issues and consider different perspectives in an impartial and objective manner. The Ombuds does not take sides in a conflict, serve as an advocate, conduct investigations, or make decisions about who is right or wrong.

How Can the Ombuds Help? 

The Ombuds listens to people's concerns without judgment, helps them untangle and clarify issues, and explore a range of options or strategies for moving forward. Among other things, the Ombuds can provide information about university policies or procedures, help prepare for a difficult conversation, or facilitate discussions between two or more people. The Ombuds also works with groups to explore and address issues that create challenging group dynamics or conflict. 

The Ombuds Office can be used as a first step, last resort, or at any point along the way. For a complete list of services, please visit the Ombuds Services page. 

How Can I Make an Appointment?

You can reach out to make an appointment at any time. Appointments can take place in-person at the Ombuds Office, at any of our University locations (El Centro, Carruthers Center), or off campus at a nearby location. Appointments can also take place by phone. Please be mindful that email should not be considered confidential. Please include only your contact information and availability to meet/speak; do not include sensitive or confidential information about your situation. 

  • Phone: (773) 442-4527
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Ronald Williams Library, Room 216