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Friday, March 25, 2022

In this week’s edition, read about the Hope and Healing Through Art Symposium at the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, which will include spoken word, henna art and a discussion on the future of librarianship and libraries. The College of Arts and Sciences will host two film screenings and the University celebrates the life of Professor Emeritus David F. Unumb. All this, plus the latest COVID-19 updates and more are part of this week’s Noteworthy at Northeastern.

Around the Commons

Women’s History Month

This year, NEIU’s Women’s History Month Committee is dedicated to creating a brave space for all women to connect, share and participate meaningfully within our campus community. The 2022 Women’s History theme, “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” is a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers and the countless ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history. The committee and Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs invite the University community to celebrate this month by participating in a series of in-person and virtual events. Next week’s events include:

Purchase Women in Science merchandise to support future NEIU Center of Health conferences and events NEIU Libraries has compiled reading and viewing recommendations celebrating women authors as well as works that reflect the lives and experiences of women. All materials in the Women’s History Month book display are available as e-books or online resources through the NEIU Libraries. To view the complete schedule and sign up for more events, visit the 2022 Women’s History Month webpage. 

Remembering Professor Emeritus David F. Unumb 

David F. Unumb, who taught at Northeastern Illinois University for more than 35 years and created the Chicago radio program “Vantage Point,” died on Feb. 22, 2022. He was 88 years old. 

NEIU Libraries Virtual Book Talk

The NEIU Libraries hosted a virtual book talk with Associate Professor of Political Science William Adler about his book, “Engineering Expansion: The U.S. Army and Economic Development, 1787-1860” (University of Pennsylvania Press). He was interviewed by Associate Professor of History Josh Salzmann. 

And there’s more!

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  • Registration for Summer and Fall 2022 classes is now open. Current and admitted students interested in taking summer classes are encouraged to talk to their academic advisor or contact the Registration Office at registration@neiu.edu or (773) 442-4040, or by visiting Enrollment Services in Room D 101.

To do

“Camazotz” Film Screening and Discussion

Instructor of Spanish Raúl Dorantes presents his film “Camazotz” at 6 p.m. March 30 in the Auditorium. "Camazotz" tells the story of the titular Meso-American bat god who lived in Chicago as an undocumented immigrant for a year. Given the city’s ongoing violence, Camazotz doesn’t need to bite humans to feed himself, rather he cleans the wounds of victims. "Camazotz" propels us to reflect on the violence in the city and within ourselves as well as about the need and ways to heal. Dorantes, a Mexican immigrant himself, has written more than 15 plays in Spanish, with almost all taking place in Chicago and with an immigrant protagonist. The Spanish theatre and film group Colectivo El Pozo has in a collective effort and energy produced Dorantes’ work. He, like Camazotz, seeks to heal through art, community and conversation. This event is free and open to the public. All attendees must wear a face mask. 

Silk Road Rising’s “Obstacle Course” Film Screening and Discussion

The College of Arts and Sciences welcomes Silk Road Rising to campus for a screening and discussion of their 2019 video play, "Obstacle Course" at 7 p.m. March 31 in the Auditorium. Set in Naperville, Illinois, this 45-minute video play, adapted from Jamil Khoury's stage play "Mosque Alert," explores reactions to a proposed Islamic Community Center on the site of a beloved landmark. Allyship, municipal politics and Islamophobia all intersect in this head-on collision between not-in-my-backyard fear mongering, well-intentioned liberalism, and the peaceful practice of faith. Whether or not you have already seen "Obstacle Course," we hope that you will join Silk Road Rising and the College of Arts and Sciences for this lively exchange. This event is free and open to the public. All attendees must wear a face mask. 

Coming next week

In the Media

  • Professor and Coordinator of Linguistics Richard Hallett and Instructor of Literacy Education Jill Hallett, were interviewed by Inside Hook for an article about the Chicago accent, otherwise known as the Northern Cities Vowel Shift. 

COVID-19 update

From March 16-23, 2022, three students and three employees reported positive COVID-19 tests. None of the employees or students were on campus. Since March 2020, a total of 139 employees and 420 students have self-reported to the University that they tested positive for COVID-19. Employees and students who feel sick should stay home. If you test positive for COVID-19, students should immediately notify Student Health Services, and employees should notify their supervisors and the Office of Human Resources. Additionally, faculty and staff are required to report positive and presumptive student COVID-19 cases and exposures to Student Health Services. When someone who has been on campus tests positive, Northeastern works with the Chicago Department of Public Health to determine the appropriate response, which differs greatly depending on the situation. We continue to follow Chicago Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines as we ensure proper protocols and preventative measures are in place for the health and safety of our students and employees. 

Student Health Services has currently verified the following COVID-19 vaccination rates for Spring 2022: 

  • 95% of NEIU employees are vaccinated; 77% of employees have received boosters
  • 88% of students are vaccinated; 23% of students have received boosters

It is expected that all students and employees will show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or testing in compliance with the current NEIU COVID-19 vaccination policy. Noncompliance may result in disciplinary actions.

Other COVID-19 updates

  • Face masks are still required in all indoor public spaces at all NEIU locations. 
  • The NEIU COVID-19 Interim Policy will remain in effect through the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Campus vaccination clinics and SHIELD Illinois COVID-19 testing are open and available for NEIU community members and the general public. 
  • The federal government is offering free at-home COVID-19 tests through the U.S. Postal Service. 
  • Free KN95 masks are available at City of Chicago alderman offices. It is recommended that residents call their alderman’s office first to ensure they have supplies. Walgreens and CVS locations will also begin distributing free N95 masks provided by the federal government. 
  • The Illinois Department of Public Health will also distribute 225,000 free at-home COVID-19 tests to residents in vulnerable communities through Project Access Covid Tests (Project ACT). Tests are available on a first-come, first-served basis to residents in specific Illinois ZIP codes. 
  • Northeastern has free surgical, KN95 and/or N95 masks available for students and employees. Masks have been distributed to offices and classrooms and are also available at the Welcome Desk at the Main Campus, the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies and El Centro. 

Stay up to date on everything regarding COVID-19 by visiting the Return to Campus website. 

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