Ensemble Espanol's logo and Zafiro Flamenco's logo

The mission of the Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater is to preserve, promote, and present the Flamenco, Folkloric, Classical, Escuela Bolera and Contemporary Dance and Music traditions of Spain.

Ways to Give: 

  • Honor our seniors by giving to the Zelda Kolber Senior Program, which provides provide meaningful arts programming to underserved seniors.
  • The Dame Libby Komaiko Legacy Fund for Ensemble Español will support the same initiatives that meant so much to Dame Libby and will ensure that her wish for the Ensemble to continue to bring the passion of Spanish dance to all will be honored. For generational support consider the Endowment Fund will expose future generations of students to the beauty of Spanish Dance.
  • $45 for 45th: The pledge of $45 for our 45th season will allow you to provide one-year support in the amount of $45 for a 12-month period. The proceeds will support dancer training in the following year.