You Can Help Our Students By Contributing To: 

The Student Emergency Fund assists students who had planned out their budgets for the semester but are now dealing with unexpected circumstances such as loss of wages or off-campus jobs due to business shutdown; costs to pivot to remote learning for the remainder of the semester; traveling home unexpectedly; and other, unanticipated expenses due to interruptions caused by COVID-19. Your contribution via this platform will be designated for the benefit of undocumented students. 

The Undocumented Student Fund is an annually-supported resource that enables Northeastern to better serve our undocumented students through programming, emergency support, travel assistance, and creating a pool of allies aware of the issues facing these students.

The Aspire Scholarship is an endowed scholarship specifically for undocumented students. Contributions to the endowment increase the earning power of the scholarship, and allows more financial support for students every year.

The Daniel Lopez Jr. Undocumented Student Fund is an endowed scholarship established by the former Vice President for Student Affairs at Northeastern. The fund provides monetary assistance to an undocumented student enrolled in Northeastern Illinois University, including help to cover expenses of books, and other necessary expenses while meeting the criteria defined in the fund agreement.

The Jesus Guadalupe Foundation Endowment is an endowed scholarship to provide financial assistance to undocumented students to offset expenses of tuition, books, and/or fees. The applicant should be an undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing. Preference shall be given when possible to students of Mexican origin who do not have documents proving their stay in the United States.

NEW! The Teen Immigrant Scholarship supports Northeastern students who migrated to the United States between the ages of 13 and 17, known as the “1.25 generation.” This scholarship was inspired by Northeastern alumna Dr. Daysi Diaz-Strong and her research into the unique needs of these students who, despite the challenge in navigating an unfamiliar school system, complete their high school education here in the U.S. and enter into college life. Students will receive funding toward their tuition.