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Sign Language - Beginning
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This course is designed for students at the beginner level in learning American Sign Language (ASL). Understanding Deaf Culture is part of the learning in this course. In this interactive class, students learn and enhance their vocabulary as well as deepening their understanding of grammatical structure in ASL. Lessons and activities focus on opportunities that help with practice and enhance learning. The teacher provides all course-related materials; no book is needed for this course.

Beginning Conversational Spanish
Jan. 8 though Feb. 12
This non-credit class will be taught by Dr. Susan Nusbaum, a former teacher and administrator in Chicago Public Schools. The class is designed for anyone who would like to learn basic conversational Spanish. Each class will be six weeks in length, and will meet the needs of the individual students. The class will primarily be conversation, but some reading and writing skills will be included. The class is adaptable to various levels of Spanish from true beginners to intermediate.

Advanced Conversational Spanish
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This course is designed for learners with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Spanish who want to improve their command of the language. Upon its completion, participants will be able to recognize situations that require the use of a more nuanced speech, including situations such as: polite speech, expressing doubts, expressing wishful thinking about how things should have been or should be, expressing desires, wishes and hopes.

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