Engaged learning Requirements - required (100 hours)

100 Engage Learning Hours: Must complete to pass course.
(Competency 1; PB 2: Competency 2; PB 1;3: Competency 6; PB2 ) worth 100 points 

All Social Work majors are required to complete 100 service hours at a not-for-profit organization prior to entering SWK 305, 306, 357. The purpose of engaged learning hours is to prepare students for the profession through developing relationships, establishing key contacts in the field, learning new skills/knowledge, and preparing for the internship and graduate studies.

Please note that failure to complete the 100 engaged learning hours will result in a "0" grade for this assignment. Partial credit will not be provided for this assignment.

The process to document the 100 engaged learning hours is as follows:

  1. Upload NEIU's log (with reflections and signature) and letterhead from the not-for-profit verifying the completion of engaged learning hours. The letter must include the supervisor's phone number and signature.
  2. Upload the log and verification letter into the D2L folder.
  3. Provide the Social Work office (Main Campus) with a copy of the items in Step 2.
  4. Keep a copy of the documentation for your personal student records.