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The Social Work Program Goals are: 

  1. Prepare students as generalist practitioners for entry-level social work positions;
  2. prepare students to gain admission into graduate schools of social work and other graduate
  3. guide students to become critical thinkers equipped with social work values, knowledge, and professional identities;
  4. prepare students to enhance the strengths of clients to build capacities with themselves and their environments; 
  5. prepare students to promote human rights and social justice across local and global contexts;
  6. and train students to engage in lifelong learning to improve their professional skills, values, and knowledge.

How to Become a Social Work Major

To declare a major in Social Work, you must contact Dr. Kim, (BSW Program Director), Dr. Ibrahima, (MSW Program Director), or Dr. Ngwe, (Department Chair) to schedule an appointment with an advisor. 

For general Northeastern admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the application process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer students and students who are veterans to transition to Northeastern.


We have several advisors to assist you with transcripts, audits, transfer credits, course selection, career options or any questions and concerns you may have. Once you declare your major in Social Work, you will be assigned one of our advisors. 

Northeastern’s Academic Advising will assist you in understanding the process to fulfill General Education and liberal arts requirements.

Clubs and Organizations

Alliance of Student Social Workers

This is the Social Work program’s club for students. It is entirely student-run and provides an opportunity for students to engage in advocacy and lobbying at the University and beyond. It also serves as a place to socialize and connect with peers. Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates.

The Alliance of Student Social Workers (ASSW) provides an opportunity for students and faculty to discuss local, state, national and international social issues and topics. Activities organized by the ASSW include bringing guest speakers to campus and working with other student clubs to plan events and activities. Officers of the ASSW are liaisons to the Social Work faculty and serve as student representatives to the Illinois Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. ASSW officers are elected for one-year terms at the last meeting of the spring semester. 

Explore other clubs through the Office of Student Leadership and Development, which houses chartered clubs and organizations to meet the interests of students on campus. Joining a club is one of the many extracurricular things to do while at Northeastern.

Additional Opportunities

In today's global society, an increasing number of social workers are choosing to live and learn in cultures very different from their own. In fact, many believe there is no better way to truly understand the impact of global forces on the vulnerable populations we serve, both at home and abroad. Northeastern’s BSW curriculum includes an increasing number of international experiential courses and learning opportunities. Learn more about global learning opportunities available to you as an BSW student. A growing number of Northeastern BSW faculty members and students are conducting international research in countries around the world. Many of our students begin a research project while in the program and continue this interest in their advanced studies.

NEIU Advocate

Check out our newsletter, NEIU Advocate, to find out more.

McNair Scholars Program and NEIU's University Honors Program

Many of our Social Work students are also members of the McNair Scholars Program, a program that supports first-generation college students and students from historically underrepresented groups. The Social Work program has been recognized for mentoring the largest group of McNair Scholars over the past five years. Explore eligibility for and benefits of participation in Northeastern’s University Honors Program.

Think Local!

Throughout Chicago and the surrounding area, internship opportunities are available at many agencies and organizations. We encourage and support students to seek and apply for positions at the micro and macro level in social work and non-profit organizations, as our students are in high demand based on their life experiences, training and education as well as their knowledge of families and communities in and around Chicago.