Northeastern’s Department of Psychology offers a minor in Psychology which is very useful for those in any major dealing with human or animal behavior, development, cognition, or perception. It is also an excellent major for those wanting to pursue health-related fields, such as physical or occupational therapy. Students who minor in Psychology often major in education, human resource development, biology, social work, justice studies, and philosophy.

Program Benefits

A minor is a course of study that can be paired with a major field of study to complement your academic plan. Students pursuing a major can opt for a minor as a way to make themselves a more attractive candidate for employment or to simply hone their skills. A minor is a great way to help an undergraduate college student specialize their degree to a higher level.

A minor in Psychology is a great way to supplement a variety of majors. Human interaction is a huge part of almost all careers, a minor in Psychology can prepare students to excel in such areas by learning the fundamentals of how humans think, feel and act thus improving the effectiveness of their interactions both personally and professionally.

Ultimately, any relationship, whether personal (i.e. parenting, friendships, romantic) or professional stand to be improved when we understand those around us, which is a clear benefit of having a minor in Psychology.

Career Options

Some great choices to pair a Psychology minor with include business, medicine, nursing, human resources, social services, education and animal behavior. Students interested in the following areas can benefit from a supplemental minor in Psychology.

  • Case Management     
  • Human Services
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Education/Higher Ed
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Marketing/Market Research
  • Advertising/Public Relations
  • Technical or Proposal Writing
  • Social Work
  • Counseling
  • Physical or Occupational Therapy
  • Art, Music, Dance or Drama Therapy
  • Gerontology
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Law
  • Medicine

… and much, much more!  For further information, you can refer to the American Psychology Association's Careers in Psychology.

For more detailed career information, visit the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Academic Catalog Information

Take a closer look at the minor in Psychology and the courses offered toward the program.

Psychology, Minor

Department and Contact Information

If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Psychology at (773) 442-5840.

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