Below are the courses included in CASEP. Students in the first-year cohort usually number between 25-30 students. Students take a number of courses together that are designed with future teachers in mind. In addition to the cohort model, program students also benefit from a monthly seminar for future teachers, as well as a leadership retreat where we explore the teaching profession through experiential learning activities. 


Fall Spring

ENG 101: Writing I

CMTC 100: Intro to Communication  

CMTT 130: Intro to Theatre

History 215: U.S. History: 1877-Present

First-Year Experience
Students will take PEMT 109 B: Adventure Education in Chicago, or TESL 109 A: Chicago Speaks: Helping Immigrants Communicate in the fall.

The second-year cohort 

In the second year, students take their first Educational Foundations courses along with Public Speaking, Writing II and American National Government. Please note that the Educational Foundations course may vary depending on educational field chosen, e.g. Early Childhood Education majors take a different sequence.


Fall Spring

ENG 102: Writing II

CMTC 101: Public Speaking

EDFN 305: Philosophy & Historical Foundations of Public Education

PSCI 216: American National Government 


EDFN 306: Educational & Individual Differences