course requirements


Ø  Course Work (30 credit hours)

·         Graduate course work at 400-level.  However, two of the following courses may be taken as part of the master’s program if they have not been previous taken as part of an undergraduate program:

·         CHEM 316: Inorganic Chemistry

·         CHEM 330: Instrumental Analysis: Spectroscopy or

CHEM 331: Instrumental Analysis: Quantitative Methods


·         At least one course in each of the four areas of the Core Courses:

·         Analytical Chemistry

·         Inorganic Chemistry

·         Organic Chemistry

·         Physical Chemistry


  • Following are required coursework for the Separation Science Concentration option:

    • CHEM 450: Gas Chromatography (taken as an Analytical Chemistry course)
    • CHEM 451: Liquid Chromatography
    • CHEM 455: Method Development and Validation in Liquid Chromatography
    • CHEM 456: Advance Chromatographic Methods (Capillary electrophoresis and Chiral Separation)


  • Following are recommended coursework for the Chemical Education Concentration option:

    • EDFN 410: Education as a Social Institution, 3 cr. (See page  287 on the course catalog**)
    • LTCY 502: Literacy Instruction in Content Areas in Middle and High Schools, 3 cr.  (See page  322 on the course catalog**)
    • LTCY 506 Writing Instruction as Related to Reading in Middle and High Schools, 3cr. ( See page  322 on the course catalog**)
    • INMD 410 Media Technology for Educators, 3 cr. (See page  287 on the course catalog**)
    • Other 400 level courses from the College of Education approved by the Chemistry Department such as:


** You can access the course catalog at