NEIU Fifth Annual Faculty Research & Creative Activities Symposium

                                                                Call for Submission of Abstracts

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to submit abstracts for the NEIU Fifth Annual Faculty Research & Creative Activities Symposium, which will be held on Friday November 14, 2014. This stimulating event provides a unique opportunity to bring together colleagues from different disciplines to share their research work or creative activities conducted individually or through multidisciplinary and/or collaborative work.  Such a symposium furthers the principle of good teaching informed by good research or creative activates. It provides an opportunity for us to become more aware of the research or creative activities conducted by the faculty, and an opportunity for lively and respectful dialog on themes presented. To further broaden this dialog, non-faculty administrators with scholarly research or creative activities findings appropriate for presentation are also welcome to participate.

Each oral presentation is limited to thirty minutes followed by a ten-minute discussion. Prospective authors should submit a brief abstract in a Microsoft Word file attachment and emailed to with the subject line “Abstract Submitted”.  Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in the Symposium Program and will be available to all participants and distributed electronically prior to the symposium.  Please check the Abstract Submission Criteria for more information. The abstracts submission deadline is Wednesday October 15, 2014.

For further information, you can contact the following college representatives on the Steering Committee:

  1. John Albazi (, College of Arts and Sciences
  2. Saba Ayman-Nolley (, for the College of Graduate Studies and Research
  3. Dragan Milovanovic (, College of Arts and Sciences
  4. Cynthia Moran (, for the Creative Activities
  5. Isaura Pulido (, College of Education
  6. Rasoul Rezvanian (, College of Business and Management

We look forward to your submission                                              

Dr. John Albazi- Symposium Coordinator