Students interested in gaining a unique anthropological work or research experience outside the classroom should consider one of our internships. We offer several structured internships in which students assist Chicago area museum, zoo, and refugee organization staff in their work and research projects.

Academic Credit and Real-World Experience

Students earn academic credit as well as a rich learning experience that can inform future career decisions. Currently, the Anthropology Department offers the following internships for academic credit:

ANTH 3793 - Pan-African Association Internship, 3 cr.

Participate in the work of a refugee resettlement and support organization by mentoring recently arrived African refugees and assisting with English language tutoring, job readiness and computer skills training, and community outreach and cultural programs.

ANTH 3871-6 - Field Museum Internship, 1-6 cr.

Assist in behind-the-scenes curation activities in the Mammals Division, including animal preparation, evisceration, preservation, osteography, and data entry, or apprentice with the scientific illustrator in the Anthropology Division.

ANTH 3891-6 - Lincoln Park Zoo Research, 1-6 cr.

Contribute to long-term studies of ape behavior by collecting ethology data.

ANTH 3881-3 - Mitchell Museum Internship, 1-3 cr.

Assist in curation of American Indian art and artifacts, exhibitions, and/or conduct your own research project.