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Northeastern Illinois University Associate Professor of Economics Christina Ciecierski conducted research in Fall 2012 about the use of tobacco products within the University community. Here are some of her findings:

  • About 25 percent of Northeastern students reported smoking in the past 30 days. Only 3 percent of students reported smokeless tobacco use in the past 30 days. (Northeastern Illinois University survey of students, fall 2012)
  • Most Northeastern students (92 percent) perceived a much higher rate of smoking among students than actually was the case. Indeed, about half of all Northeastern students surveyed believed that their fellow classmates smoked daily.
  • There was little evidence of “peer pressure” and tobacco smoking among Northeastern students. Only 4 percent of students surveyed said they would smoke a cigarette if offered one by a fellow student.
  • Seventy percent of students surveyed reported being bothered (at least once a month or more) by smoking on campus. Of these students, 12 percent reported being bothered by cigarette smoke every day. 
  • Nearly 70 percent of students felt that Northeastern effectively enforces its smoking policies. Ten percent felt that no smoking policy existed.

Here are the results of a spring 2014 clean-up effort at Northeastern:

  • Legally and illegally disposed of cigarette butts made up 30 percent of the daily weight of trash collected on campus.
  • Tobacco-related items (including cigarette butts, lighters and packaging) constituted 83 percent of all litter items.

Smoke-Free Northeastern

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