The annual National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) obtains information from Northeastern freshmen and seniors about their participation in programs and activities. Survey items on the NSSE reflect behaviors by students and institutions that are associated with desired outcomes of college. Profiles of recent Northeastern samples:

2016 NSSE Sample Characteristics

2014 NSSE Sample Characteristics

2012 NSSE Sample Characteristics

NSSE Snapshots provide an overview of key findings related to student engagement at NEIU.
Recent Northeastern Snapshots:

2018 NEIU Snapshots

2016 NEIU Snapshots

2014 NEIU Snapshots

NSSE provides "A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College," available in English and Spanish at NSSE Guide, for prospective college students. The Pocket Guide provides a roadmap of important questions all prospective students should ask about institutions that they might attend, and aligns with NSSE survey items. Answers to those questions from the Northeastern NSSE results:

2018 NEIU Pocket Guide Answers

2016 NEIU Pocket Guide Answers

2014 NEIU Pocket Guide Answers

2012 NEIU Pocket Guide Answers