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Our Students Make The Difference

Northeastern administrators, faculty, staff and students have made university-wide decision to take a stand in support of the university’s undocumented population and to reaffirm our institutional commitment to social justice. Through this initiative to promote change and update policies, we strive to provide an equitable learning experience for all Northeastern students.


Northeastern has made changes to both the paper and the online versions of the admissions application that will make it easier to complete.  Whether you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student, all undocumented students who are admitted to Northeastern must submit an affidavit and official high school transcripts to determine in-state tuition eligibility. Visit our Admissions page to apply online, click on the square that says “undocumented” to learn more about the admissions requirements and to fill out an application.

Financial Resources

Northeastern’s Financial Aid Office strives to provide services and programs to all Northeastern students in support of their education. 100% of Northeastern’s talent and merit scholarships do not require U.S. citizenship. A total of $1.35 million is available to all qualified students. In addition, 96% of NEIU Foundation scholarships ($115,200) do not require U.S. citizenship. Undocumented and DACAmented students are not elegible for state or federal aid and should not complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are unsure if you qualify for FAFSA here is a list explaining who is elegible:

  • U.S.  citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (THIS MEANS: U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are eligible for FAFSA, even if their parents are undocumented)
  • Eligible non-citizenship status as determined through G-845
  • Conditional Resident status
  • Granted Asylum/Refugee status
  • Cuban-Haitian Entrant status
  • Conditional Entrant status
  • Battered Immigrant – qualified alien status (VAWA)

*If you do not fall into one of the above-mentioned categories, you should not complete a FAFSA.


The Undocumented Resilient and Organized (URO) student club began as an informal gathering of undocumented students during the fall 2011 and spring 2012 semesters. URO is composed of undocumented and fellow students who can relate, commit and are able to come together. Since its formation, URO has joined the struggle to make NEIU a welcoming institution for undocumented students.

URO is more than just a student organization that advocates on behalf of undocumented students. URO is a space in which critical consciousness is being learned and expressed. It is a place where you can speak out, raise your voice, challenge, resist and fight against injustices of all types and at all levels. They welcome anyone interested in migrant justice.  To learn more about the club or to contact the officers, click on the links below. • •

Getting help – Campus Resources 

Northeastern provides comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs and services to all of our students. But, how do you know who to go to with a particular issue or problem?  Since the Spring of 2013, the Undocumented Students Project has been training faculty and staff to become Undocumented Student Allies. Allies are informed and ready to address your questions and concerns. Look for the open door logo displayed in Ally offices.   If you ever need an advocate to help you navigate Campus offices or programs, or who can listen to things you do not feel comfortable sharing with just anyone, contact the Undocumented Student Resources director to schedule and appointment at

Getting help – Community Resources 

Northeastern has many community partners who advocate on behalf of and provide resources to undocumented immigrants.  One of them may be near you.


Undocumented Student Resources

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