How much does tutoring cost?

  • LSC/CAW tutoring services are free to NEIU students.

Can I meet with a tutor online?

  • Yes! Appointments can be scheduled for in-person tutoring or online tutoring via Google Meet.

I made an in-person appointment but can't make it to campus on time, is it possible to switch the appointment to online?

  • If you are unable to make it to campus for your in-person appointment, contact us to change your appointment to online. We will send you a calendar invitation with a Google Meet link to connect with the tutor.
  • Call us at (773) 442-4568 or message us via Google (Nmail) Chat by typing in "Learning Success Center."

I can't find my calendar invitation for the Google Meet online appointment. What should I do?

  • Make sure you are logged in to your Nmail account and go to your Nmail calendar.
  • If you are still unable to locate the calendar event or if it does not include a Meet link, please call us at (773) 442-4568 or message us via Google (Nmail) Chat by typing in "Learning Success Center."

What kinds of tutors do you have and where can I find their schedules?

  • LSC/CAW has Content tutors, Writing Intensive Program (WIP) tutors, Math tutors, and Writing tutors.
  • All LSC/CAW tutors can also help students with general learning strategies such as reading strategies, note taking, time management, and study skills.
  • You can find tutors' names and schedules on the LSC website by clicking on each area.

Can I email my paper to a tutor to get feedback?

  • All LSC/CAW tutoring is synchronous. You and the tutor will work together in real time.

I don't have an appointment, but I want to see if I can work with a tutor today. Do you take walk-ins?

  • While we strongly encourage students to make appointments to reserve time with a tutor, we do take walk ins when we have available tutors.
  • Please stop by either of our front desks on the fourth floor of the Ronald Williams Library and provide the front desk aide with your student ID number and the course you would like help with. Our staff will determine if a tutor is available to help you.

I need help with a software program I have to use for my class. Do you have a tutor who can help me?

  • Most content tutors will be able to help you with software such as Jamovi, Matlab, Musecore, and others that are required in courses.
  • In order to confirm that an LSC/CAW tutor can help you with the software used in your course, please ask when you contact LSC/CAW to make your appointment. Each semester we gather information from our tutors about which software programs they are able to provide support for.

What should I do before I see the tutor?

  • Attend class and complete the readings and assignments for the course.
  • Bring all books, notes, handouts and assignment sheets related to the course to the tutoring session.
  • Come prepared with questions on the material that needs further exploration.
  • Expect the tutor to assist further understanding of material but not to make up for any lack of effort on your part.

What can I expect from a tutoring session?

  • You and the tutor will work to develop a better understanding of the course content and an improved approach to independent learning.
  • A tutor cannot do the course work, provide specific answers to test or homework questions, complete an assignment or reteach the course content.
  • Tutors work with students to help them become better learners, thinkers, and writers.