LSC/CAW provides free, peer-led learning support for all NEIU students. 

The Center for Academic Writing (CAW) is the home of the Writing Intensive Program (WIP) provides support to both faculty and students at Northeastern. CAW was founded in October 2007 with the award of a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant and in July 2020, became part of the Learning Success Center.


The Writing Intensive Program (WIP) is comprised of undergraduate courses across the curriculum that fulfill NEIU’s writing intensive graduation requirement. Undergraduate students must successfully complete a WIP course of at least three credit hours within their discipline in order to graduate. Students should speak with their advisor to learn which course(s) will fulfill the WIP graduation requirement for their major.


WIP courses are content courses that are designed to help students master the course content, learn about writing in their chosen discipline, and improve their writing skills. LSC/CAW provides peer tutoring for students enrolled in WIP courses. 


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