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The Green Fee Committee solicits project proposals in the fall and spring semesters via Targeted Announcements. 

Project Proposal Process

The project proposal process occurs in three phases:

Phase 1:

  • The Committee will ask for a pre-proposal submission, which gives the proposal author an opportunity to pitch the basics of their idea. 
  • The Committee will then hold public meetings and give pre-proposal authors an opportunity to answer and ask questions about their project. 

Phase 2:

  • If a pre-proposal is deemed a potentially viable project, then the Committee will invite pre-proposal authors to submit a full proposal, including cost and feasibility details. 
  • As with the pre-proposals, the Committee will hold a public meeting to discuss full proposals and give authors and the Committee an opportunity to discuss project details. 
  • After the Committee discusses full proposals, they then make their final decisions. 
  • Any project can be vetoed by Facilities Management. However the Committee and/or proposal author can appeal these decisions.

What happens if my project is selected?

If your sustainable project is selected, you will be assigned a Committee member to assist you during both your full proposal development and project implementation. We encourage proposal authors to reach out to their assigned Committee member to ensure that they are given any necessary guidance and assistance.

If you have any questions, please email