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The Green Fee Committee administers and helps implement sustainable campus projects that benefit the University and decide how to best use the Campus Green Fee that is part of Northeastern's Mandatory General Fee per credit hour. The Committee consists of nine members: 

  • One student representative from the Student Government Association
  • One student representative from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Two student representatives from Green Conservation Group 
  • One at-large student representative 
  • Two faculty members, one of which is from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Two staff members in Facilities Management

All student positions are one-year terms, while the two faculty and two staff positions are two-year terms. Students, faculty and staff can serve multiple terms.

The Green Fee Committee has open meetings during the fall and spring semesters. Our meetings are announced through Targeted Announcements. We welcome participation from the entire NEIU community. We meet in a room on the Main Campus, but meetings are live-streamed to CCICS and El Centro. 

Any student, faculty or staff member can propose sustainable projects to the Green Fee Committee for consideration.

Mission Statement

Along with identifying, researching and recommending specific uses of funds generated by the Campus Green Fee, the mission of the Green Fee Committee is to fund the implementation of sustainable (environmental, economic, and social justice) initiatives at Northeastern Illinois University.  


In 2007, the Green Cycle Group (the NEIU environmental activist club at the time) initiated the idea of a student "green fee" that would be used to promote campus sustainability initiatives. A proposal was presented to the Student Government Association who endorsed it and proposed a referendum for the entire student body. The student body approved a $3 per semester "Green Fee" that started appearing on students' bills that fall.   

Through a series of meetings involving interested students, faculty and staff, the Green Fee Charter was drawn up, which formalized the membership and governing policies of the committee. Once the charter was approved in Spring 2008, the Green Fee Committee got to work. It was then decided that:

  1. There would be nine voting members with students in the majority (five), and four non-student members (two faculty and two Facilities Management staff). 
  2. The meetings would be open to the public.
  3. The committee would meet at least once a month in the fall and spring semesters.
  4. The meetings, as well as the decisions and progress on projects, would be adequately publicized and efforts would be made to solicit input from the NEIU community.

The following students played a key role in the formative stages of the Green Fee Committee, conceiving the proposal, getting it approved through the referendum, and drafting of the Charter: Amanda Woodall, Jeremy Slate and Kate Ekman. The present committee owes its existence and success to their contributions.

On Nov. 17, 2022, Northeastern's Board of Trustees approved a consolidation of all mandatory fees, which included the Green Fee, into a single Mandatory General Fee per credit hour of $85. The change went into effect beginning in Fall 2023. 

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Faculty Advisor

Lindsay Maldonado, Ph.D.