Event Planning Tips

Tips for Planning a Successful event at NEIU!

Please consider the following tips when planning your event:

  • Establish a budget.
    Before you do anything else, determine your budget. Pinning down limits early in the planning process helps other variables fall into place. Consider: Facility Rental (if applicable), Catering, Equipment Rental, Printing Costs, Transportation, and Accommodations. We will also work with you to determine any labor costs for: University Police, Facilities Management Cleaning, Production Technical Support, Parking, etc. Determine which expenses will be assumed by the meeting sponsor and which by the attendees. Be sure to identify who will be paying the bills.
  • Choose a date.
    Have at least two (2) dates in mind: a preferred date and a just-in-case alternative date. That way, when you start checking out available facilities, you’ll be able to choose the best option. Be sure to factor in national and religious holidays, school vacations, and semester breaks.
  • Plan the event as far in advance as possible. Involve the Student Union, Event and Conference Services staff in the initial planning stage. Put everything you think you might want in writing and then bring it to be reviewed during the initial planning meeting.
  • Apply for and be sure to have written confirmation of space BEFORE you advertise the event.
  • Know your intended audience—NEIU Students, Faculty, Staff and/or Off-Campus Guests.
  • Determine a realistic expectation of the number of people who will attend the event.
  • Identify VIPs or other dignitaries you want to invite.
  • Think about the needs of your speakers and presenters.
    Find out what equipment your speakers and presenters will need, what they will bring with them, and what you need to provide. Ask about technological capability – both hardware and software.
  • Identify one person who will be the main contact for the event.
    This is the person who will have the authority to make changes and/or additions, turn in final counts, and sign off on related contracts. No matter what the size of your planning committee, our staff needs one person to whom they will take direction from.
  • Develop a detailed preliminary agenda. Be sure to include a timeframe of the various components of the event. When looking at the entire program it will be easier for University Events staff to identify components that could cause problems—such as not enough time for attendees to get from a general session to breakout sessions.
  • Determine if Catering is needed. A'viands provides dining and catering services in the Student Union and is the preferred caterer on campus. A'viands catering services provides an extensive catering menu for all your food needs. If your event is in need of food services, please contact A'viands directly at (773) 442-5337.