Friday, October 17, 2014

From a major announcement to major rankings, here’s your weekly scoop on Northeastern Illinois University.

Around the Commons

Economic Inequality Initiative

Northeastern has been selected as one of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities participating campuses in the Economic Inequality Initiative. Twenty colleges and universities were selected for the initiative—the first joint American Democracy Project and Democracy Commitment national civic action series.

Diversity ranking

Northeastern has been named a top-100 university for graduating students of diverse ethnic backgrounds. The national rankings, published in Diverse - Issues in Higher Education’s annual “Top Degree Producers,” demonstrate that Northeastern is a leader among American universities for the number of bachelor’s and master’s degrees earned by students of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Welcome to the neighborhood

Dean of Libraries Carlos Melian wrote an open letter to commemorate the opening of the new Chicago Public Library location in Albany Park, just blocks from the University’s main campus.

And there’s more!

  • Biology assistant professor Aaron Schirmer and instructor Frederick Prete were part of a team whose research on praying mantises was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.
  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel Lopez will attend CPS DREAMer Information Day on Saturday, Oct. 18, to help immigrant students with their college and career planning.
  • Kim Tracy, the chief information officer in technology services, wrote an article for CIOReview magazine about the complexities of cloud-based applications.
  • President Sharon Hahs’ State of the University speech has been posted online.

In the media

Immigration and Education

How do undocumented students pay for college? RedEye profiled Northeastern’s Zitlalli Roman, who talked about her success at the University. She told RedEye: “I feel like the scholarships and this money would not be here if I had not come out [as undocumented], if I had not told people up front, ‘I am undocumented, but I am worth it, this is why I should get funding, this is why I should get help, and I will not let you down.’ ”

Also in the media ...

To do

Happy reunion!

The Northeastern reunion is here! The theme for this year’s event, scheduled for Oct. 17-18, is “Reimagining Food ... Remembering Your Roots.”

Art and violence

Northeastern will host the 5th International Art in Response to Violence Conference on Oct. 23-24. The two-day conference encourages understanding of the role art plays as a facilitator of transformation and how art and art-making are processes of awakening, educating and healing.

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