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Miss Julie Spring 2014

Summer 2016


by Timothy Mason

June 16 and 17 at 7:30pm and June 18 at 2:00 and 7:30pm

June 20 and 22 at 10:30am


Flo and Roscoe are the ultimate con artists, so when they stumble into a kingdom that bends to every fashion whim of its Emperor they know just what to do. They announce that they are the finest weavers in all the land, and produce a magical cloth. Of course, the stylish Emperor simply must have it! However, the cloth that Flo and Roscoe weave is not for ordinary folks; in fact it’s endowed with magical powers that separate wise men from fools. The clothing is invisible only to those not smart enough to see it. None of the Emperor’s closest confidants want to be seen as a fool, so they all claim to see the clothing. When the Emperor finally unveils his magical new dressing to the kingdom, the laughing townspeople REALLY have something to see. This hilarious classic tale is one the whole family will love.

Stage Center Theatre

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