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Financial Aid Forms & Documents

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Be sure you have read the Applying for Federal and State Assistance to apply for financial aid.

The forms listed below are in PDF format and can be viewed and/or printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Downloadable Forms and Documents

2014-15 AWARD YEAR

(Terms beginning with Fall, 2014 and ending with Summer, 2015)

2013-14 AWARD YEAR

(Terms beginning with Fall, 2013 and ending with Summer, 2014)

Effective 2013-2014 financial aid applicants will be assigned to a verification group by the U.S. Department of Education. Not all verification forms below are required for all applicants. Only submit those verification forms with 'red flags' reflected on your NEIUport account.

Tip Sheets

(Also available on NEIUport)

Financial Aid

Contact Financial Aid

Contact Financial Aid

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