Photography provides not just a quick representation of life at Northeastern Illinois University, but serves as a powerful catalyst for a richer emotional attachment to the institution. Our photography should seek the unexpected, and reveal the excitement and energy of our campus and our diverse community.

Photo Composition and Context

Most are familiar with the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” and that is because the composition of an image conveys the context of a situation.  

Portraits: Portrait photography should be genuine, spontaneous, authentic, and honest. The image should capture the subject(s) in a manner that seems candid and real.

When shooting portraits, try not to overstage the shots. Instead, try to capture the subject in his or her natural environment, doing something they would normally do. This will make them feel more comfortable, and the photo will feel more honest and authentic as a result.

Campus Life: Campus photos are especially valuable in materials targeting potential students; seeing the campus helps them picture themselves here.

For photos in which the building is the focus, look for unexpected angles and viewpoints with dramatic lighting and depth. Northeastern’s most recognized buildings also make excellent backgrounds for photos highlighting student life.

As with portraits, student life photos should look spontaneous and relaxed, as though your subjects are unaware of the camera. Make sure you feature a diverse cross-section of students.

Subject Releases

The University requires that a subject release form be filled out whenever we are photographing a specific individual. As a general guide, if you are taking a picture of single person or a small group and they are the main focus of your shot, you should have them sign a release form. If you are taking photos of a large gathering (such as Commencement) it would not be practical to gather releases for the entire group.

Subject Release Form

Please note: All subject release forms should be turned in to the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Photography Standards

Only high-quality photography will be accepted for use in marketing, advertisements and publications produced by or associated with Northeastern Illinois University. High-quality creative images uphold the integrity of the Northeastern brand, improve its perception and promote positive recognition among our external audiences. In contrast, low-quality images compromise both the effectiveness of our promotional materials and the overall viability of the brand.

  • Only royalty-free, original and professionally shot photography must be used
  • Be mindful of non-Northeastern branding in the images (i.e. T-shirts, background billboards, etc.)
  • No graphic font, logos, captions, or text can be used for feature images on the website.
  • Photos must be high-resolution (300 dpi for print publications and large print displays; 72 dpi for web display)
  • Photos used in print publications should be saved in the CMYK format; photos meant to be displayed online should be saved as an RGB file
  • No pixelated or artifact-ridden photos will be accepted
  • Submitted photos should be left uncropped and be sized accordingly
  • No dim, washed-out, high-flash or over/underexposed images will be accepted
  • JPG format is preferred

Please note: Photos that fall short of these standards should not be used in either University publications or on the University website. The Division of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to remove photos from marketing materials that do not meet these guidelines. If you wish to submit a photo for marketing consideration, please contact the Office at

Web Image Size Specifications

  1. Feature image (college homepage, unit homepage, flex page, voices): 890 x 370 px
  2. Feature image (splash page): 1500 x 600 px
  3. Faculty and staff profile photo: 130 x 130 px
  4. Circular images within the body: Target size: 244 x 244 px
  5. Social media icons (footer, internal pages, etc): 44 x 44 px

Please note: All circular images found within the body of the site must be uploaded as a square image, and the proper styling within Drupal should be applied to make them round.

Northeastern’s Photo Library

To request access to photography that has been approved by the University and is available for immediate use, please email the Division of Marketing and Communications at A short training session is required before access to the library will be granted.