To maintain internal and external consistency, all colleges, departments and offices must use official Northeastern stationery.

Best Practices

The Northeastern Illinois University logo must be used for all stationery: letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc. All stationery should be printed on paper provided by Follett's Copy Center.

  • Business Cards: All academic and administrative departments must use the business card template provided by University Marketing. Department logos and secondary logos may not be used on business cards.
  • Letterheads: Official Northeastern letterhead is for use by all academic and administrative areas for official business purposes only. It is comprised of the university logo, separated from the message field by a yellow bar. The text beneath the bar can be personalized for department or office stationery only; department or office logos must not be used on official letterhead. The URL can be changed to the department or office URL. There are no other approved designs for letterhead.
  • Envelopes: The Northeastern Illinois University logo must be placed one quarter of an inch (.25”) from the top and one quarter of an inch (.25”) from the left side of the envelope. The logo may be printed using one-color (for mass printing) or two-color and with or without the name of the University department. The most commonly used envelopes are the A2 (5.75” x 4.375”), the A6 (6.5” x 4.75”), the A7 (7.25” x 5.25”), and the #10 (9.5” x 4.125”).

Please note: All stationery requests should be directed to the Follett NEIU Bookstore. Please contact the bookstore at (773) 442-4994 or