The University logo is comprised of two elements: the University wordmark and the University icon. The flying “N” icon is the key element in the Northeastern logo; it represents Northeastern’s history and traditions. The following pages demonstrate the various ways the logo may be used. To learn more about the approved use of the Northeastern Illinois University name, logo and icon, please review the official University Brand and Trademarked Property Policy.

Logo Elements

The University logo is the primary mark used to represent Northeastern Illinois University. It is the preferred mark to be used on all marketing materials.

University logo small


The stand-alone University wordmark is used for graphic purposes and when space limits the proper use of the primary logo. Contact University Marketing in order to use the wordmark.

University woodmark small

The University flying "N" icon may be used on official University documents and branding materials; however, you must contact University Marketing in order to use the icon.

University icon small


The “Clear Zone”

The Northeastern Illinois University logo must maintain an established “clear zone.” As seen below, the “clear zone” around the logo must equal one quarter of an inch (.25”) or more. No type or other artwork should come within the clear zone. This zone is intended to maintain the logo’s integrity and to avoid visual distractions.

University logo clearzone


Logo Use and Placement

When using the logo it is very important to make sure that it has not been stretched or distorted when placed into a document. When viewed, both the height and width should read 100 percent. All fonts should match the accepted logotype. No fonts may be substituted.

University logo examples


One-Color Logo

The standard one-color Northeastern Illinois University logo is black, white or Pantone 293 C. In special cases, an alternative swatch from Northeastern’s color palette may also be used. Under any circumstance, colors outside of the official Northeastern color palette are not acceptable.

University logo 1 color


Using the Logo Over Colors and Images

For visibility, it is strongly recommended that the University logo be white when placed on a dark valued background or image. In turn, the University logo should be a dark color (such as Pantone 293 C) when it is being used on white background, or any other light tone. In all instances, the logo must remain clear of visual clutter and legible.

University logo color image



Logo - Color

Logo - Blue

Logo - Black

Logo - White

Logo - Color (Vertical)

Logo - Blue (Vertical)

Logo - Black (Vertical):