Northeastern Illinois University’s Brand Guide

The Division of Marketing and Communications assists the University community in creating unique and compelling marketing and advertising initiatives. In order to represent Northeastern Illinois University in a positive light, it is imperative for the University community to use official messages, styles and graphic elements. Throughout this website are the tools you need to assist you in creating your communication materials.

What is a brand?

A brand establishes a first (and lasting) impression of a product, service or institution. Think of any successful clothing label, automotive company or higher education institution. They all have a unique, distinguishable mark and a set of attributes that differentiates them from competitors.

Brands often evoke an emotional response and an affinity with consumers. When you see a particular logo you may think of safety (Volvo), innovation (Apple) or quality healthcare (Mayo Clinic). A brand is conveyed through consistent visual, written and physical practices which means consistent logos, messages and delivery of services or products.

What is Northeastern’s brand?

Many things shape Northeastern’s current image: history, educational programs, interaction with students, faculty and alumni, public comments – virtually anything can shape an image. Building a powerful brand – and overcoming the noise of many voices – requires consistent, repetitious communication.

Northeastern’s Brand: Quality academics, a diverse community, support services, affordable tuition, and global opportunities are among the attributes that define our unique brand.

Northeastern’s Identity: Consistently and accurately using messaging themes and graphic elements underscores our distinctiveness and communicates our identity.

Northeastern’s Logo: Northeastern Illinois University revamped its logo to reflect contemporary initiatives. The logo is our brand in a nutshell.

Getting Started

Sending the Right Message

Please refer to the Messaging tab to learn about Northeastern's messaging, editorial style and approved statements. The five key message points are highlighted in this section to help guide you in creating content for the Web and publications. Editorial standards cover frequently used word choices, Northeastern-specific naming conventions, and common grammar and punctuation rules. The Approved Statements About the University section includes authorized statements to be used as written in communication pieces; for example, the University's mission and vision statements.

Elemental Breakdown

The Graphic Elements section is your “one stop shop” to learn about Northeastern's official visual elements. You will be able to access and download graphic components such as Northeastern's logo and social media icons. When creating communication pieces, use the authorized color palette and typography in your design according to Northeastern specifications. Additional visual standards and downloads are also available in this section.

Need Help? Contact Us

If you need assistance with large-scale projects, please complete our Marketing Consultation Request Form so that we can assess your needs. Our team will contact you to set up an initial meeting.

To learn more about the approved use of the Northeastern Illinois University name, logo and icon, please review the official University Brand and Trademarked Property Policy.

To request a hard copy of our quick reference style guide, or if you have questions and/or suggestions on how to improve our services, please email