What is branding and why does Northeastern need to brand itself?

  Branding is an ongoing strategic process of presenting an entity using written and visual elements to help form perceptions among its targeted audience. Northeastern’s brand exemplifies who we are, our mission and values, and how our communities perceive us. By moving away from fragmented messages and conflicting images, Northeastern is unifying and fortifying its brand standards across the University. A collective effort in sustaining the Northeastern brand aids in local, national and international recognition.

  How does this impact the website and email addresses?

  Northeastern will continue using neiu.edu and @neiu.edu; however, the current brand elements will be utilized throughout publications and the website.

  How do I get letterhead, envelopes and business cards?

  All stationery is now available in Marq (formerly Lucidpress.) Please contact marketing@neiu.edu for login credentials. 

  Can I keep or create a custom logo for my department/college/unit?

  To better align the goals of the University, no secondary logos will be permitted. The official Northeastern Illinois University logo must be used on all print and web publications. To learn more about the approved use of the Northeastern Illinois University name, logo and icon, please review the official University Brand and Trademarked Property Policy.

  Where can I get the electronic files of the Northeastern logo to use in my print and web publications?

  Electronic files are available for download under the Graphic Elements tab.

  We have the former Goldie artwork on a lot of things, such as T-shirts, stationery, etc. Is there a transition period before we switch to the current Goldie artwork?

  Effective Feb. 24, 2021, the former Goldie artwork can no longer be used in future marketing efforts. The current Goldie artwork for merchandise is available for immediate use through the online bookstore. Please consult with marketing@neiu.edu to update any marketing materials that use the former Goldie artwork, or to request new marketing materials.

  Do I have to use the templates in Marq or can Marketing continue creating my materials as in the past?

  Please use the branded, pre-approved template designs in Marq for your publications. However, if your project is in the scope of a larger initiative, please complete the Marketing Request so that we can assess your request and discuss your options.

  How do I access the fonts needed for Marq templates?

  All University fonts have been uploaded to the Marq platform. Users no longer need to purchase or download official University fonts for downloadable templates. 

  If I don't have Adobe Creative Suite, can I still use the downloadable graphic elements?

  Yes. PNG and JPG files are compatible with other software programs. However, if users are looking to use graphic elements for downloadable templates, Adobe Creative Suite is no longer needed. All pre-approved University graphic elements have been uploaded to the Marq platform.

  When can I use colors outside of Northeastern’s official color palette?

  To maintain visual consistency, unofficial colors are not permissible. Please refer to the Color Palette to view the University colors.

  If I take my own photos, can I use them in print and web publications?

  Yes. Please note: Images for print must be high-quality, 300dpi and CMYK format. Images for the web must be high-quality, 72dpi and RGB format. All photos must be approved by Marketing prior to use.

  Can I create a social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) account for my department/college/unit?

  Please contact Public Relations at public-relations@neiu.edu for a consultation and review Social Media Practices and Procedures.

  What if I have more questions?

  Questions that are not answered on this website should be submitted to marketing@neiu.edu.